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by - April 28, 2016

When I would get out of the shower before, my main concern would be how fast the scent of my soap easily escapes my body. I have to resort to perfumes or colognes to make sure I have that fresh smell the whole day. I'm sure some of you also get the same problem. But now I found the solution! :)

Lux has been known for giving that relaxing and perfume scented bath and true enough, the first time I ever tried Lux I immediately loved it. With just a drop on my loofah it becomes foamy and bubbly instantly and makes me feel like I'm taking a luxurious bath. :)

My favorite variant among all the Lux body wash is the Lux Soft Touch. I love the smell of bathing in perfume of French Roses. It's simply irresistible! The moment I step out of the shower and put my clothes on, the scent stays and my husband has complimented me several times on what perfume I used because it smells really good! I just give a little laugh and say that it's just my bath soap! ^_^

And for something that lathers really well, leaves me skin soft and makes me smell like I'm wearing expensive perfume from Paris, it's actually really affordable. The bar soap is only Php 19.50 and the body wash at around Php 120. Not bad at all! :)

If you haven't tried out Lux Soft Touch yet, you might want to join the ongoing giveaway of Lux on their Instagram: ! :) Lux will give 20 lucky winners the chance to get a FREE Lux Soft Touch gift pack! ^_^ All you have to do is...

- Post a selfie, answer why you love having fragrant skin and use the hashtags #BatheWithLux and #LuxSoftTouch :)

The giveaway is from April 28 to May 28, 2016! 

For more information and updates, visit :)

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