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by - May 23, 2016

Having a jet black hair all my life has made me wish for a different color every time. I remember wanting it so badly in grade school when I watched this episode of Lizzie Mcguire and she had purple streaks on her hair! But alas, colored hair isn't allowed in grade school nor in high school. So, as soon as I stepped in college, you can say that I experimented a lot on my hair! My most extreme ones was when I had the balayage ombré and my dip dye violet hair. Both I had done at salons.

But we all know that going to the salon every time we want to color our hair can be quite expensive and when we're too busy and we just don't have time to book an appointment.

And did you guys know, many Filipinos in general still have a fear of hair coloring because of the thought that it might damage their hair. Some who color their hair would have concerns on costly maintenance and prefer DIY hair coloring. Fortunately, Watsons is here to help us color our hair bold without fear! :)

Watsons' "Color Your Hair Bold" initiative wants to ease these worries of women by highlighting that Hair Coloring is not only fun, it is also safe, affordable and easy that everyone can do it at home. Now is the perfect time to spruce up your hair because bold colored hair is in! Gp take guts in trying out new hair colors because Watsons also provides styling and treatment products to maintain the gorgeous look of your color treated hair.

Last May 17, I attended the "Color Your Hair Bold" party at the Revel, The Palace and we were treated with interactive coloring activities. :) 

Coloring my hair is something I'm familiar with already and after my violet dip dye, I allowed my hair to rest for at least 5 months. I went back to my jet black hair and when my stylist at the Revia booth was checking out my hair, she was actually surprised that I've colored and bleached my hair before. She thought I had virgin hair. ^_^ My secret is just put A LOT of conditioner! It was my cure when I over bleached my hair during my violet hair phase. :)

A perfect example of a really good conditioner is Pantene! :) Used this a lot during my colored hair days and I love how it leaves my hair super soft! 

Aside from the hair coloring activities, there were also presentations from Lourd Ramos and other hair experts about proper hair coloring, styling and treatment. Attendees were treated with more fashion tips as they listened to Celebrity stylist Matt Gozun as he shared his many insights on how to compliment fashion style with one's hair. :)

With this event, Watsons aims to make you feel that good hair is a-must-fashion accessory that completes your look. And with various brands available in Watsons like L'Oreal, Revlon, Bigen, Kolours, Lolane, Revia, and Beautylabo, Watsons gives you the freedom to be brave in running your hair through burgundy browns, fiery reds or any shades of blonde. Go play with your hair using colors without worry because Watsons also offers a wide range of post hair color regimen and styling. DIY hair coloring, post color care and styling is affordable and easy with Watsons!

As for my hair, I wanted a lighter shade this time since I'm back to my jet black hair, so they suggested I have the Revia Bright Blonde No.02. :)

And this is the final result!

I love it so much!!! ^_^ It's the perfect shade of brown and it's vibrant! There was no bleaching involved. The best part? My hair didn't get dry at all! :)

Rev has protein extract from wheat and it has natural properties that allows hair to become smooth, shiny and soft. :) 

And great news for ladies and gents who love doing DIY coloring, they're offering Buy 1 Take 1 on selected brands of hair dye, so be sure to check that out!

From May 19 to July 2016, get a chance to win a total of 700,000 shopping points when you shop with your SM Advantage Card! For every Php 500 single-receipt purchase of any Hair Color Treatment, Styling and other color care products, a member is entitled to one (1) e-raffle entry. There will be three (3) winners of 50,000 shopping points for the grand prize, five (5) winners of 30,000 shopping points and forty (40) winners of 10,000 shopping points as consolation prize. :)

Be brave this season and color your hair bold with Watsons!

Artsy Ava

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