My 27th Birthday!

by - May 02, 2016

I feel so bad that I got so caught up in being busy when I turned 26 years that I actually wasn't able to blog about how I celebrated it! :( I kept on saying that I was going to blog about it, but never did and it's sad to break tradition on my blog. :( Now that I turned 27, I'm making sure that I blog about it!

How did I spend my 27th?

In this generation, the first thing that lights up on your birthday is all social media! Twitter even knows how to perk you up with the cute balloons on your Twitter feed every time you open it! 

I want to thank everyone who took their time to greet me. I know Facebook automatically alerts people of your birthday, so no one forgets, but I still think it's a personal effort if someone wants to greet you or not. So, thank you for the bottom of my heart to everyone who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! ^_^

At the strike of 12 midnight, I was busy blogging, I think? And I thought Athan was already asleep in my Lola's room, because he was so quiet. But he suddenly rushed in my room and gave me this...

Athan doesn't normally do this on a daily basis and for him to do it without being told really touched my heart. One of the best gifts! Love you, Athan!

Aside from this gift, my husband also thoughtfully handed me this...

I had the gut feeling of what it was already since he already knows what I want. But to see it all wrapped up in a cute wrapper is just sweet! He knows how he loves all things cute! I'll be revealing on my Instagram what is inside it. :)

On the day of my birthday itself was the Make Your Own Havaianas event and of course I couldn't miss it! So, spent my day there with blogger friends. After the event I got to spend lunch with Beb Ana at French Baker!

Thank you, Beb Ana for spending a bit of your day with me and the sweet gift! Always enjoy our time together! ^_^

When Beb Ana had to go, I really didn't have anything else to do. The Hubby wasn't getting out of the office for at least 3 hours, so I did something spontaneous and for the first time!

I watched a movie alone! Haha! I don't know what came over me. I usually don't like being alone or doing things alone. But this lured me in and I actually felt really happy about it! ^_^ I watched The Huntsman: Winter's War. I wanted to watch this cos I was able to see the Snow White one and got curious with this. :) 

The Hubby came over to Megamall before the movie ended, so he had to wait for me a bit. But as soon as we met up, we went to Goldilocks to pick up my cake and food for my little celebration at home. :) 

YUM!!! Thankful to the Hubby for this!

Also got two cakes! ^_^ The rainbow one is from the Hubby!

Thank you so much as well to Penser Q, Ms. Marge and Ms. Ana Liza for the caramel cake! Super duper love it! ^_^ Thank you for remembering my special day!

And the yearly tradition of blowing my cake with my little family - My kids, husband, lola and Mom and Aunt via FaceTime! 

Concentrating hard on my wish right here! Haha! Looks like I wanna cry! >_< 

Thank you also to Freeway and Ensembles for never forgetting my birthday! This package always greets me on April 21!

Thank you, Ms. Sheree!

Also got a few more gifts from my in-laws that I'll post on IG as well!

Also spent it with my BFF Nickie and Lester. :) it has been awhile since I last saw them, so it was really a happy feeling to be with them again and just talk endlessly!

Thank you for the dinner treat! ^_^ Hope you enjoyed dessert!

And no birthday celebration would ever be complete without family!

My Mom and Aunt isn't here, but they always make sure that I have a good celebration. Thank you so much Mom and Ae for the birthday treat! :) Spent it this time at Yabu!

I had a simple yet wonderful birthday celebration and can't thank enough to the people around me for making it the best one. :)

I can't believe I'm 27 already!! Whew! 

Artsy Ava

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  1. A simple and meaningful celebration with the people who matters. Belated happy birthday ulit, Ava! Wishing you more blogging success and endless happiness being a wife, a mother, a daughter, and a friend. :)



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