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by - May 02, 2016

Growing up, my husband and I had skin asthma and up to this day there are times that our skin would be irritated due to the weather or if we try products that our sensitive skins are not used to. Hence, it is inevitable that our kids would also have sensitive skins. My youngest son Asher actually has delicate skin. He would easily get a rash if it's really hot or sometimes his neck would have dry areas if it's too cold. It can vary from time to time and seeing him suffer with all the scratching is just heartbreaking. :( So, I always make sure that I check with his pediatrician what is best and what we can do to lessen his irritations.

But the primary thing is what he uses as a bath soap, because it starts with this. If he gets itchy, then we immediately toss it out and try to find new ones that would suit him. Fortunately, there is one that we found that really works for him and I'm so glad that it's something local and a hair and body wash! :) I love two in one stuff!

Belo is known to be a really good beauty brand for adults and has an extensive line of beauty products from deodorants to lotions. Recently, they've come up with a line called Belo Baby and it's probably my favorite line of theirs to date! They have four products for Belo Baby - Hair and Body Wash, Bar Soap, Face and Body Lotion and the colognes. :)

The Belo Baby hair and body wash, like all their Belo Baby line has 100% certified natural ingredients and 0% harmful chemicals. This alone got me sold, because any parent wouldn't want to have bad chemicals lathered on their babies skin. 

The hair and body wash has Shea butter and sweet almond oil to give more love and condition delicate skin. I also love the powdery scent that it gives and reminds me of Asher's newborn days, wherein he smelled so nice all the time! Now he's much bigger and this three year old uses it on both his hair and body and is pretty happy about it. :) We haven't had problems of it stinging his eyes and it gives off just the right amount of suds and lathers well.  Bath time is a bonding time for us and I want nothing more than to hear giggles and happy laughter!

It's hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and perfect for all skin types. It comes in a 200ml bottle and the SRP is Php 219.75. :)

Next is their Belo Baby Body Bar...

The Belo Baby line isn't only good for babies. Though it is directed for babies and kids with its namesake, it is crafted for the whole family! So, to all moms and dads out there, you can also try this one for your skin. You wouldn't need to fret, because of it's natural ingredients. :) This one also gives off a mild and powdery scent like the hair and body wash. It helps your skin achieve a more softer feel. It's a kind version of all body bars.

It comes in a 100g bar with the SRP of Php 79.75. :)

The Belo Baby face and body lotion...

Another product that is made with care by Belo Baby is their face and body lotion. It is a mild lotion that is perfect to give back moisture. Especially now with our intense summer heat, you would want to apply lotions to hydrate your skin again. It also has a non-sticky and non-greasy formula that is good for humid weather. Again, this is also rich in cocoa butter, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

This is free of EDTA, Parabens, silicones, formaldehyde, and most common allergens.

It comes in a 150ml tube and SRP is Php 224.75. :)

Last, but not the least are the Belo Baby Colognes...

The Belo Baby cologne comes in three scents - Cool Drizzle, Happy Tickle and Sweet Snuggle. The cologne scents will remind you of nothing, but babies! If you want to smell like one, then these are the colognes for you. :) 

They are clinically proven gentle and less irritating on the skin. Also free of parabens, phthalates, and  coloring agents.

I haven't tried all three yet since I started with the Cool Drizzle first, but managed to smell all three. :)  I love the cool and refreshing scent of Cool Drizzle. It leaves my kids smelling clean and good all day and it can even be used as a hand sanitizing solution! Perfect for my Asher who practically touches anything and everything! >_< I like the fact that the bottle is sleek and isn't too bulky in my bag. 

It comes in 100ml bottles and SRP is Php 79.75. :)

Mommies want nothing more than the safety of their babies and family. With Baby Belo, I feel assured of its gentle touch on my boys' skins. ^_^

To know more about Belo Baby, visit http://www.belobaby.ph or https://www.facebook.com/belobabylove/ :)

If you want to try it out, visit http://www.sampleroom.ph/belo-baby :)

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