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by - May 01, 2016

Got passion for music and fashion? Then you will definitely get hooked with Oxygen's latest collection!

It's not every day that you hear about local brands collaborating with international groups that are regarded as industry institutions. This summer, well-loved local fashion brand, Oxygen, announces that it has entered into a partnership with Billboard, the world's premier source for trends and innovation in music, to come up with a collection that aims to help today's youth to experience, discover and celebrate their passion for music and fashion.

The Oxygen x Billboard collection features items for everyday use, including graphic tees, pullovers and accessories like caps and bags. The designs, which take heavy inspiration from the rock and hip-hop genres, come mostly in black and white - save minimal pops of color here and there for select items - and scream of New York street fashion.

Michael Macalos and Papi Rodel's favorite from the collection :)

Sir Jeff Bascon 

"Oxygen has always believed in allowing everyone to live their passion. For years, every effort of the brand has always been geared towards encouraging people to move out of their comfort zones and do things that allow them to leave a mark; to make a statement. The same ideology is what made us want to do this project with Billboard. Billboard is where it is today because the people behind it have been very brave and objective with who gets in their charts." -Jeff Bascon ( Oxygen Brand Director)

The collection has really cool clothes and accessories. I found myself loving their caps the most! I can pair it with almost any outfit! Also love the dress below!

The event was indeed all about fashion and music with a fashion show showing us the awesome collection and Sam Concepcion serenading the crowd along the way! :)

Really enjoyed the event and the very next day, I made way to the nearest Oxygen branch to shop for their new collection! :) You too can! The Oxygen x Billboard collection is now available in Oxygen stores! Be sure to visit!


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