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by - August 29, 2016

Sometimes we get to fixated on our arms, legs and face that we forget that our scalp is skin too. With the dust, dirt, pollution, smog, and smoke, we expose ourselves to harmful elements everyday and this causes our scalp to get too oily, too dry or even flake. You just don't worry about the skin that you usually do, but add up your scalp to the list.

With all of those things in mind, how do we take care of our scalp? :)

Driven by the need to limit the compromise that most of us make when it comes to scalp care and beautiful hair results, with the majority prioritizing beautiful looking hair over a healthy scalp, Head & Shoulders unveils an exciting reformulation across its entire haircare collection.

If you haven't been paying much attention to your scalp, now it's time to give it more love and add an extra step to your skincare regimen. :) 

Luckily, Head & Shoulders has come up with a tri-action scalp care formula that....

CLEANSE - With gentle cleansing agents the smaller ZPT particles create a rich lather that is deeply indulgent, whilst being effective in offering best in class flake reduction.

PROTECT - Micro-zinc Dandruff actives go deeper into the places where the dandruff causing fungus resides, for longer lasting dandruff protection and defense against oxidative stress.

MOISTURIZE - The 3ActionFormula leaves the hair fibers feeling soft and instantly hydrated thanks to active ingredients that lock-in moisture for noticeably smoother, softer hair that is more manageable and beautiful.

I've been a user of Head & Shoulders for years and it has been a favorite of mine ever since. I love the menthol feel of it on my hair. :) With these tri-action scalp care, you can have dandruff free and healthy hair!

Hope you can join in this awareness and use the hashtag #ScalpIsSkin in your social media accounts, so your friends and loved ones can have clean scalp, smooth and beautiful hair anytime, anywhere! :)

Visit: and get your own Head & Shoulder bottle delivered at your doorstep! ^_^

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