Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread: TLC Sandwich ♥

by - August 18, 2016

When it comes to meal time or preparing food for my kids, I try to make it a fun time for them cos I want them to love food and be able to enjoy it. :) This is very applicable to parents who have picky eaters. Among my two kids, Athan is the most sensitive when it comes to picking food. But he loves getting involved in prepping the food that sometimes helps in making him love to try new things. :) My youngest Asher, on the other hand is such a foodie who wants to try anything and everything!

It's nice to do new things with your kids and the other day, we made TLC Sandwiches that are super easy to do!

The past few weeks have been rainy, so the kids haven't gone out and school has cancelled quite a few times. Since we couldn't go out, why not experiment on food at home?? ^_^

Here's how we made our easy peasy Tomato, Lettuce and Cheese Sandwich with the first spreadable Chicken BBQ from Lady's Choice. :)

For this sandwich, what you'll need is HAM, CHEESE, TOMATO, LETTUCE and of course, the Lady's Choice CHICKEN BBQ Spread that you can all easily find in the grocery. First cut your veggies, then you can cook the ham in a frying pan or microwave for 1 minute. :)

After gathering all your ingredients, you just pile them up! Yes, that easy! ^_^ The Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread is the perfect added flavor to the sandwich! Since my kids are big fans of BBQ, this certainly hit the spot. :)

This was a fun bonding time for the kids and I. :) Not to mention, an easy, yummy and healthy meal time! 

How about you, Mommies? What kind of snacks or baon can you think of making using the new Lady's Choice Chicken BBQ Spread? :) Would love to hear suggestions!

Till my next easy meal-time post! ♥

Artsy Ava

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