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by - August 18, 2016

When I hear the word "Glutathione"before, the first thing that pops in my mind is "I don't need that! I'm already white!" But little did I know that it actually has so much more benefit than I give it credit for. Thankfully, I have been attending quite a few events of SnowCaps, the product of VIDA NutriSciences that I now have a clearer understanding. But they never stop educating us and I super love that! :)

Yesterday, VIDA NutriSciences teamed up with Japan's Kohjin Life Sciences and held a press conference titled, "What Filipinos Need to know about Glutathione" at Hotel Jen.

Attended with my fellow blogger friends Trice, Seph, Ana, Rodel and Ruth. :)

Kohjin Life Sciences members Mr. Yukuse Sauchi, Ms. Hitomi Ito, and Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine Associate Professor Dr. Wataru Aoi talked to us about the importance of Glutathione, it's depleting level in our bodies as we age, and its hidden benefits.

Yes, guys! It's true! Glutathione is a substance that can be found in every cell in our body and acts as an antioxidant. :) Amazing, right?

Known effects of Glutathione

- Lighten the skin
- Keep a flawless complexion
-Maintain a healthy liver
-Detoxifies our liver and overall body of harmful toxins and heavy metals which can be found in what we consume.

Along with the ones stated above, It is also found to be an effective immunity booster against deadly diseases such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, and even cardiac disease. In addition to this, Glutathione helps in keeping our body in shape and improves male fertility.

And what makes SnowCaps the best is that, the ingredients of their product is from Japan. You can be assured that the quality is high. :) 

With all these health benefits unknown still to some Filipinos, VIDA and Kohjin will purse their campaign to  increase the common knowledge, break myths, raise awareness about Glutathione, and ultimately, to provide more accessible glutathione supplements for the greater good of Filipino health and wellness.

Take 1 capsule with or without meal in the morning. Best in the morning cos Glutathione levels are at their lowest and stress is highest during daytime.

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  1. Tried it for a month. When it comes to skin, nothing has changed. I didn't see that it lighten my skin. When it comes to helping someone boost their immunity, i don't know if i should agree with this because i felt like I turned into more masakitin. Wala talaga akong nakita or naramdaman na pagbabago. If i rate this from 1 to 5, maybe 1 or 2 will do for being less expensive compared to any glutha products but in regrds with effectivity, 0.

    1. I guess usage differs depending on the user. :) Maybe this certain brand isn't "hiyang" to your body :)


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