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by - August 20, 2016

Aside from fashion and book stores, nothing excites me more than toy stores! I'm that kid in the candy shop who can't help but feel giddy from head to foot, and all the more when there are ToyCons and Toy Expos around. :)

Speaking of Toy Expos, Toy Kingdom has officially launched the first day of their Toy Expo 2016 today! :) Fortunately, SMX Manila is near our place, so it was a breeze to go there and my morning schedule was free. I had to take advantage of it!

Toy Expo is a biennial event of Toy Kingdom which started in 2012. This year, it's from August 19-21, 2016

The Toy Kingdom Expo is located at the 2nd floor of the SMX Convention Center. You can easily spot it with the huge colorful installation that they have and friendly Toy Kingdom staff to greet you on your merry way. :)

Just going up that escalator got me all hyped up already! >_< Haha!

First thing that will greet you when you get up are these adorable and cool 3D character statues that you can do photo ops with! :) I secretly want to take Pinkie Pie home. If only she fits in my bag! Lol! =P BTW, did you spot Coco Martin? Oops! I meant Buko Martin! >_<

Where to explore?? Where to go?? There are so many cool booths that I didn't know where i'd go to first! But that's my happy problem! Hihi! Each booth comes with an exciting activity wherein kids can explore and play with the toys they love. :)

Of course, this pink and super cute booth instantly caught my attention, because it's Shopkins! They have so many new stuff, like this smoothie and ice cream truck. Plus, some blind bags and boxes if you are up for a surprise. :)

And the next thing that lured me was this...

Hello, 90s babies!!! Do you feel me?? So much Nostalgia going on here! I can't believe the Powerpuff Girls are making a come back! ^_^ I really wanted to get the Bubbles clip on and maybe the small figures, but unfortunately, they're still on a "COMING SOON" status. :( They might arrive during the BER months, so we all have to wait. On the bright side, we know what kind of toys are coming cos of Toy Kingdom's Toy Expo. I have been waiting for these!

And if you want to see more of the toys you used to play with, the Sylvanian Families also have a huge set up there.

The super adorable Cabbage Patch Kids! I had a few of these growing up and if I had a baby girl, I would probably get her one too. The ones with the animal onesies are just TOO cute! :) They also smell really nice, so that brought back memories! :) 

Went to the TY plush booth next and saw cute characters, like Peppa Pig, My Little Pony and Life of Pets! :) I know i've been saying, 'cute' a lot, but expect that already! I just saw so many cute stuff today! >_< I'm sure you also encountered the brand TY growing up and it's so nice to see that toys I grew up knowing and playing with are still around. :)

Next is my favorite among all installations - The Plush and Play Farm! ^_^

They have a farm and market themed area and I love it! So fresh! It's the perfect set up for their cute fruit and veggie plushies! ^_^ Did you know that Plush and Play is the first local brand to participate in the expo? Their toys are hand stitched with TLC by the women of Gawad Kalinga.

All the more reasons for you to buy their products - love and support local!

While I was busy going around, I suddenly start hearing the Pokémon theme song playing... "You teach me and I teach you... Pokémon, Gotta Catch 'em all!!" So, I rushed to the stage and spotted, yes! Pikachu! Totally adorbs!! The TK Toy Expo will be having character mascot appearances the whole day, so watch out for those! ;)

Now, back to exploring!

For Lego lovers and collectors, you'll love the huge MOC display of the Nexo Knights. :) Did you know that one of the female characters in Nexo Knights is named AVA? Just a little fun fact! :)

This my youngest son Asher would go crazy for....

HOT WHEELS! He really loves cars... obsessed in fact! He would have wanted to ride on that BMW if he saw it. :) Or I think we wouldn't have gotten out of this booth anymore! haha! >_< Hot Wheels is one of the best matchbox cars around. They're durable and inexpensive too!

Spotted another mascot! Hello, Knick! ;) My kids love Knick Knacks!

Remember back in the day, when you had the 64 Crayola set, you were considered 'cool' in school? :) Haha! I remember I wanted those badly, but Mom would only get me the 48! Lol! =P Now, they have something better! The "PICK YOUR PACK" - For only Php 99.75, you can fill up a box of 24 of any color that you like and this is pretty neat cos most of the colors are unique. :) 

Something old and something new, the kids will love the upgraded Betty Spaghetty!

It seems like it were only yesterday that I was playing with my 90s version of this! It's good to see it back in the market! :) They'll be launching this at the Toy Expo too! :)

Made at stop at Sodor Station to see Thomas and friends and the Fat Controller! :) Hello!

Every girl loves Barbie and they have the new Barbie You Can Be Anything collection. Another thing to look forward to!

I've been into collecting blind bags lately and there's a new gang in town that I'm excited about!

Meet the Grossery Gang! :) Think of it as the rotten version of your Shopkins! Haha! :) But their super cute though! You can meet and greet the characters Putrid Pizza, Fungus Fries, Dodgey Donut and Sticky Soda at the Toy Expo! You can also watch videos of them here: :)

You will also have a sneak peek - and have the first pick - of the latest toy for the Holiday season if you go to Toy Kingdom's Toy Expo. :) Just like these cute Trolls!

80s and 90s kids unite! Trolls are coming back! :) They'll officially be out in different toy stores next month. But at the Toy Expo, you get them first! I actually got one for myself already! I couldn't help it. >_< They also have blind bags! Ugh! Weakness!

I'm obsessed with Unicorns, so I cannot let the My Little Pony installation! :)

If I were 8 years old, I would totally jump this activity area and play with all the My Little Pony! Hehe! :)

I'm almost reaching the end of my post! Sorry for flooding you guys with photos! >_

The Ninja Turtle booth is super cool! :) I love all the toys, shoes and clothes! :) Turtle power!

The kids are also encouraged to dress up in costumes! I saw one kid win cosplayer of the day on Toy Kingdom's Instagram! :)

They also have a PEZ booth where you can win tons of PEZ prizes! :) I love PEZ! My husband recently got me a My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle dispenser and I can't wait to open it on my next VLOG. :)

Kawaii Hello Kitty booth!

Last, but not the least is this cute Num Noms! I'm a sucker for translucent toys! I regret not getting this! I want one huhuhu! 

Once you're done going around and shopping for toys, you can easily line up and pay at the 8 cashiers available at the venue. :)

If you want to make it to certain stage activities, the event schedule is above. :)

The Toy Kingdom Toy Expo is the best place to shop for possibly early Christmas gifts cos of the discounts and  sale available. Plus, you get the chance to have first dibs on the items not in stores yet + freebies along with them! :)

In case you want to see more boys stuff from the Toy Expo, you can check out my husband's blog: :) Wait for his post!

Don't miss out on this and drop by this weekend! Happy Saturday, everyone!

Check out Toy Kingdom’s Toy Expo 2016 at 2nd level of the SMX Convention Center from 10am to 10pm on August 19-21, 2016. Visit :) Do share with everyone your experience by using the official event hashtag: #TKToyExpo2016; follow ToyKingdomPH on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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