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by - September 21, 2016

"How would you describe your dream home?"

I probably would have a very minimalist house. I've been pinning a lot of inspiration on Pinterest and mostly have a common theme of clean, white and a hint of quirkiness to it. :) I like to inject a little fun to things cos that's my personality. I also want a home that would be my safe haven and a place I consider to be an outlet for comfort and inspiration. A place I would love to see every single day. That for me, would be my dream home.

But some people struggle with this question these days. It used to be simple. However, as people get exposed to varied design styles, and living space options become diverse and premium, things get more complex.

What used to be - and should have been - a fun and fulfilling experience has now become too intimidating for most.

This is an issue that MoodBoard Manila, a space planning and design consultancy firm, knows all too well. And it overcomes this hurdle by simplifying the overall process involved in creating its clients' dream spaces.

What is MoodBoard Manila?

MoodBoard Manila is a full-service space planning and design firm that specializes in creating beautiful and functional living, working and events spaces in a manner that is simple and without delay.

MoodBoard Manila's design principle can be summed up in two words - no rules. This means throwing away the belief that a space needs to adhere to one specific theme to look good. 

Minimalist but with quirky elements, traditional but still up-to-date, eccentric but very appealing - the brand meticulously identify and combine elements from different parts of the design spectrum to come up with one purposeful space that is as personal as its owner's fashion sense. 

As for me, this is my very own piece from MoodBoard Manila - Wedgwood scented candle in fine China with 22-Carat gold. :) This will definitely bring an elegant touch and lovely aroma to any room in the house. I already have this piece on my work desk for inspiration - a dainty piece that will be in front of me every time I work. :)

"We believe that everyone deserves to live, work and move in a space that is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also reflective of its owner's personality. That is the best thing about it; that is what makes it more interesting. Your space should serve as an extension of your desires and aspirations. It should inspire and make you happy. And just like a mood board, all the elements it contain should have a role. Your space should be cohesive and functional. This is what we provide - a creative personal space that is made just for you, promptly and expertly put together by our trained consultants." - Jovy Rabelas (MoodBoard's founder and Chief Design Officer)

To know more about MoodBoard Manila, you may visit them at or follow @MoodBoardManila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.♥

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