YAYOI now in Manila!

by - September 24, 2016

Your cravings for authentic Japanese dishes are about to be satisfied as Japan's hugely popular Teishoku (set-menu dining) restaurant chain, YAYOI opens its first branch in the country in SM Megamall this September.

Set meals are a big part of the Filipino dining experience - from cafeteria lunch menus to restaurant value meals. Japanese cuisine takes this practice up a notch with traditional culinary term known as ichijū-sansai, which literally means "one soup, three sides." This term refers to a meal consisting of rice and soup accompanied with three dishes (one main and two dishes). Combining a variety of individual items and dishes for complete and well-balanced nutrition, it is still considered a basis for healthy, well-balanced diet.

YAYOI takes inspiration from the wisdom of Japanese culinary tradition with its Teishoku-dining concept - serving home-style set meals, consisting of a main dish of meat or fish, miso soup, a steaming bowl of rice, and side dishes of vegetables and tsukemono (Japanese pickles). 

I've eaten in so many Japanese restaurants already, but I super love how ordering is done at Yayoi. You have this iPad or tablet in front of you and from there, you choose what food and drink you'd like to order. No need for waiters to take your order, unless you have a special request, of course. :) But if none, you just click away on the tablet and choices gets sent to the kitchen and your order will be brought to you. YEY to Japanese techy-ness! ^_^

I personally ordered for the Saba Shio Teishoku. :)

This is salt-grilled mackerel and it's soooooo good! When I first saw it, I thought I was gonna regret getting it compared to the chicken or pork. But, it looked so fresh and when I tasted it, wow! Love it! I actually want to order it again when I go back to Yayoi. :)

There are so many choices that you can make when dining at Yayoi and I love the fact that they also have a Kids Menu. It won't be difficult to feed my kids cos I can also order for them. :) I won't deny that the udon set looks good. ^_^

When there is good food, it's also best shared with good company and got to share this happy tummy moment with blogger friend Crissey Si! ^_^ She had the Mix Toji Teishoku - Breaded pork loin, friend shrimp and sukiyaki beef simmered in special sauce and egg. :) All I can say is that, Crissey enjoyed this one A LOT! She kept saying "It's sooo good!" >_< Haha!

Aside from the Salt-grilled Mackerel, the Namban Teishoku was also on my mind. 

It's fried chicken steak in sweet and sour sauce and topped with special YAYOI tartar sauce. :) 

They also have the Hitsumabushi - Grilled eel over rice and served with a side of dashi broth. Nagoya style.

This can be eaten in 3 different ways...

1. Enjoy the original flavor
2. Sprinkle the condiments
3. Pour the dashi broth

At YAYOI, fans of Japanese cuisine can expect nothing less than an authentic dining experience that takes you back to Japan, one Teishoku tray at a time. :)

YAYOI is located at the 3rd floor, Bridgeway, Building B of SM Megamall. Visit www.yayoi.com.ph or https://www.facebook.com/yayoiphilippines for more information!

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