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by - September 14, 2016

Being better versions of ourselves is what we always want to strive for. Though with the many things we tackle in our daily lives, especially what we see in the media or magazines, we tend to get sidetracked and more often than not, forget that true beauty starts from within.

Snow Caps Glutathione, however, supports women to be better versions of themselves. And just last Tuesday, the communicated this message by showing women a fun and hilarious way to staying young and beautiful through an afternoon of Funny Face Yoga with none other than Vivien Tan at the Sage Bar of The Makati Shangri-La Hotel. :)

As a former model who started her career at 12 years old, Vivien understood the pressure that society has to put on women to be beautiful and perfect. Being immersed in the world of fashion and beauty at such a young age shaped what she thought beauty was and what beauty should be. She witnessed very young girls fall victim to dieting and health disorders like anorexia. She also understood the pressure that women have put on themselves - to be the perfect woman, wife, mother. At the peak of her career, Vivien decided to leave this world of high-fashion and embraced her new role as wife and mother and made her pursuit of what real beauty is.

During the event, Vivien shared three kinds of exercises through a demo - breathing exercises, kissing exercises and eye exercises. What made it fun was how funny and silly you look and feel while doing the exercises. Hence, Funny Face Yoga. :) The exercises showed guests to be better versions of themselves, they need to learn to laugh at themselves and laugh with others. With this kind of yoga, we learned how to find joy from within and natural beauty easily comes out. :)

Truly, beauty isn't just about makeup or what we see in media. Beauty is reaching deep inside and let it radiate from within. I'm really glad that there is a brand like Snow Caps that wishes to impart their advocacy of supporting women to be better versions of themselves.

Women nowadays have so many roles and I truly admire each and everyone. :) We are all super women in our own little way and we need to take care of ourselves.

While true beauty starts from within, Snow Caps Glutathione is another way women can be better versions of themselves by helping them care for their skin. Snow Caps contains L glutathione Kohjin Lifescience Tokyo Japan and it has 50% more glutathione content than any other expensive brands. It also contains vitamin C and alpha liphoic acid which helps keep skin healthy and glowing. It also is an antioxidant that fights off toxins and free radicals that are harmful to the skin and body. :)

It's all about loving and taking care of yourself. :) There you will find true beauty!

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