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by - November 16, 2016

Halloween has never really been the occasion that I celebrated growing up. Especially here in the Philippines, we don't super amplify the event, unlike in other countries, wherein they make a big deal out of it. But when I had my kids, I realized that it's the kind of occasion that I would want them to celebrate and enjoy. After all, it's so adorable to see them in costumes and fun to think of where to take them trick or treating. :)

This year, the kids celebrated Halloween twice!

On October 28, the boys spent their last Halloween at their Dad's office since he will be transferring work soon. So, this is quite memorable for them. Every year, his office has a theme and for 2016, it was Pokémon Go! ^_^ 

The kids and I absolutely love celebrating Halloween at their Dad's office. They always prepare for it exceptionally and for the past three years, it's a no fail fun time! :)

Since there aren't much Pokémon costumes available in the market and the Mom in me finds the costumes at Toy stores a bit expensive cos my kids outgrow their costumes real fast! I opted to do a little D.I.Y. and made Pokéball costumes for the boys using cartolina and cardboards. :) The I.T. department where Gersh works was assigned to Starmie, so I made a Starmie on their candy bag using fabric glue. :) 

Athan trying to catch Starmie! hahaha! >_<

It's bittersweet that this will be their last Halloween at the office. But I can't wait for next year! :)

Their second Halloween celebration happened exactly October 31. :) We went to the Nickelodeon TakoTown event at SM Megamall!

Their costume this time around was a soldier and fireman! :)

The perfect trick or treat activity for kids (and young at heart), Nickelodeon's Takotown: Fright Express turned a usually scary Halloween extravaganza into an epic celebration, the Nickelodeon way. And with the Spook Station's unique and thematic areas, the haunted main attraction offered an unforgettable experience to families.

 The Terror Tour took guests on an exciting and interactive travel experience inside the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. With four special train stops, kids departed for a journey to the Haunted Mansion, Cemetery area and next is Scary Jungle. :)

Aside from the Fright Express, there were also games for the kiddos to enjoy.

Me the unicorn haha :)

 Athan was such a pro at the games! ^_^

A special activity area was also in-store for the thousands of Takotown fans. Guests also took part in Nickelodeon-inspired stage games, patterned after some of the brand's well-loved shows, such as The Loud House, Shimmer and Shine, and The Fairly OddParents, for a memorable Halloween experience. :)

 It was definitely a Halloween to remember! :) Thank you, Nickelodeon!

Visit the official site at www.nick-asia.com for more information and updates!

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