LIESE Creamy Bubble Hair Color now at Watsons!

by - November 15, 2016

Being born with jet-black hair, I have experimented with hair color many times. I've gone from brown to purple and ombré. But having my hair done at salons can be quite expensive, so I've resulted to DIY since this year started. :) Not only is it convenient, but much cheaper. Though, it can get challenging since you really can't see every part or strand of your hair when you're trying to apply the formula. I often had to call the Hubby to help me cover everything. 

Now, with the Liese Creamy Bubble Color, it doesn't have to a take a barangay to achieve the perfect hair color. It's super easy! :)

With our busy schedule and being the multitasking generation, we focus on our work too much and going to the salon is just something we don't have much time for. I honestly wish I can squeeze in some more me-time, but for the days or times that I cannot, it's great to know that there is a hair coloring brand like LIESE to make it easier for all of us. :)

Lies Creamy Bubble Hair Color (BHC), Japan's no.1 hair color brand, has partnered with Watsons Philippines and So Much Beauty stores to change how Filipinas color their hair at home.

 Liese Creamy BHC sets itself apart with its unique formula that leaves long-lasting effects through a hassle-free process.

With its advanced foam technology, Liese offers Filipinas an easier alternative that still results in even and vibrant colored hair in just three easy steps: 

(1) Mix the formula in the bottle with the foamer cap
(2) Massage the solution into the hair
(3) Rinse the solution off after 30 minutes

Plus, Liese Creamy BHC offers six color variants, namely Rose Tea Brown; Raspberry Brown; Chestnut Brown; Milk Tea Brown; Milky Beige; and Marshmallow Brown, that Filipinas can choose from.

Now, Filipinas can skip the long hours at salon and avoid its expensive costs by just grabbing a box of Liese Creamy BHC and allotting half an hour at home for some good old DIY hair coloring.

As Filipinas continue to find ways to express their individuality, Vibelle - Liese Creamy BHC's official Filipino distributor - will do its part in helping them achieve this noble goal. By bringing over this revolutionary Japanese brand to the country, the company is slowly changing how Filipinas view and practice beauty regimes. Grab your own Liese Creamy BHC in selected So Much Beauty and Watsons outlet. :)

 I personally tried the Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Milky Beige and vlogged about it! :) Check it out below if you want to know how it works and how my experience was! ^_^

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  1. Hi, im looking for liese creme bubble hair color. Kuching sarawak here. Can anyone tell me the exact location to find for this product. Thanks

  2. Hi, im from kuching sarawak. Can u tell me where to find this Liese buble hair color? Give me the exact locations coz i've been around watson so many times but still fail to get this product


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