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LEGO is the toy that every generation has come to know and play with. I don't think there is any child in the world who doesn't know what LEGO is and what the brand represents. It has been a great tool and outlet for creativity and widening the imagination. I guess that's why every parent wouldn't hesitate to let their child play with it. :) Personally, our house is actually filled with LEGO that we step on it once in a while! >_< Haha!

To be honest, my kids aren't the only ones obsessed with LEGO. I grew up playing with it and so did my husband. :) My kids were greatly influenced by my husband's love for it. He's pretty much the LEGO expert in our family. Right now, I just collect the mascots of the mini figure series. But he has like crates and crates of LEGO! He also blogs about them, visit his blog - NOTHING BUT BRICK to see how much he L-O-V-E-S Lego haha!  :)

So, when we got invited to the opening of the first LEGO store in the North - TriNoma, we definitely couldn't miss it for the world! ^_^

Ever since my husband pursued his love for Lego 101%, I started getting exposed to several Lego activities and made me realize that Lego isn't only for kids, but also for kids at heart. :) There are so many adult collectors and exhibits made for it. Lego is also a huge investment if kept in mint condition. :) Now, Lego is a part of our family life and we're enjoying it a lot!

Encapsulating the dream of its founder (Ole Kirk Kristiansen) to "inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow," the global toymaker continues to expand its presence in the Philippine market by opening LEGO's Third Certified Store in TriNoma Mall last November 12, 2016. 

Got to witness the launch at the 4th Level Park of TriNoma Mall. :)

I love how every Lego store has a interactive play area. It gives children the chance to have a "hands-on, minds-on" experience with LEGO bricks. :) Also, isn't it cute how they have this LEGO Certified Store version in bricks? And a mini ribbon-cutting on it too! :)

There are a million things you can create it with LEGO and until now, it simply amazes me!

The store is the third in a series of stores that will open from Manila to Davao in the country under LEGO's "Better With Every Brick" campaign. LEGO together with UNICEF Philippines will work together to help build the first National Centre for Children with Disabilities in Philippine General Hospital. To support UNICEF's program, a portion of the sales at LEGO Certified Stores in the country will be donated for the Centre's construction. LEGO will also issue a cheque worth Php 500,000 as part of the fundraising drive to raise a total of Php 10 Million for the construction of the Centre.

With UNICEF Representatives and LAJ LEGO Executive Sir Patrick Pesengco. :)

"The LEGO brand goes beyond being one of the top global toymakers, we are a beloved builder of childhood fantasies. We aim to inspire and engage the world's builder by injecting fun into play. This partnership with UNICEF Philippines resonates well with this dream to extend the opportunity to help more children by bringing the National Centre for Children with Disabilities to reality. And LEGO fans can pitch in this initiative of making the world "Better With Every Brick." " - Patrick Pesengco (LEGO executive)

For the ribbon-cutting, it was so cute that they made the kids cut the mini-version. It makes you feel that big or small, LEGO values everyone! :)

After the mini ribbon-cutting, we all went down to the ground floor for the official ribbon cutting of the store. :)

 Was greeted by Nexo Knight Clay! :) Super cute! ^_^ BTW, Did you know there's a character named 'AVA' too? :) A first Lego that I heard with the same name as me! 

Spot the LEGO scissors! ^_^

The friendly staff of the LEGO Certified Store welcoming us in! :)

A little tour of what you can expect at the store...

With my LEGO event buddy a.k.a. the hubby! :)

The P.A.B. a.k.a. Pick-a-Brick Wall will always be present at LEGO Certified Stores. A custom-built fixture filled with LEGO bricks and elements where shoppers can hand-pick and select what they need to build something based on their own design and imagination. This is perfect for mockers! :)

My favorite wall - Keychains!! :) I wanna hoard! Haha! BTW, you can have your name engraved on the brick keychains! :) A nice Christmas gifts for your friends who love personalized stuff.

They also have a Build Your Own Minifigure. :) You can decide which hair, accessory, head, body and legs that you want. It's all up to you! :)

They also have exclusive LEGO Sets available and while looking around, I spotted one of the LEGO store staffs carrying this huge Disney Castle set! OMG! Childhood dreams! I wish I could get one haha! :) But I wouldn't know where to put it! Heard someone was gonna purchase it that's why Kuya was toting it. :) The first release was made here! At TriNoma! Php 1,000 from the sale will be donated to UNICEF again. :)

If you collect Minifigure series, you would totally understand why they're flocking this area and feeling the bags! >_< Haha! 

I would definitely have loved this as a kid or who am I kidding, this is cute! I would still want this! Haha! :) Ariel is my favorite Disney Princess! 

Cute Duplo sets! look at the tubby whale!

I also used my LEGO case for this special occasion! Hehe! This is pretty old cos I'm obviously using an iPhone 5s. But this has always been a fave of mine! :)

The LEGO Northern Invasion would not be complete without exiting deals for the whole month of November:

For a minimum single receipt purchase of Php 5999.75 on any LEGO item/s from the LEGO Certified Store TriNoma from November 12 to 30, 2016, Php 1000 of the sale proceeds will go to UNICEF to help build the Centre. As an exclusive treat, LEGO fans can get a FREE engraving service on one, white 1x6 LEGO brick to personalize their LEGO Store Sets!

Also, LEGO fans and lovers can purchase LEGO poly bags in support of the fundraising campaign for the National Centre for Children with Disabilities where 100% of the proceeds from the sale of each poly bag will be donated to this UNICEF project. Each collectible poly bag featuring four different designs sells for Php 100 each and comes from the LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Juniors, LEGO Friends and LEGO NEXO Knights lines.

Thank you so much, LEGO for having us! :) It was such a pleasure to witness the opening! Wishing you more success and more stores!

So many amazing treats at the LEGO Certified Store! :) Visit them at TriNoma at Level 1 Mindanao Wing, open from Mondays to Thursdays from 10:00AM to 9:00PM, Fridays to Sundays demo 10:00AM to 10:00PM. :)

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