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by - November 25, 2016

Planners and journals have become a big part of my life. I'm quite forgetful, you see, so I always need a notebook to write on, so that I NEVER forget important dates, details or what I need to do. I don't know when I started being forgetful, but I know it was my first year in college when I started getting really dependent on it. :) That's why, if you think I purposely did not attend an event or missed out on something big, I did not! I just totally forgot! Must be coming of age! >_< Nevertheless, I always love a pretty planner or journal to tote along. :)

This 2017, Wrangler wants to be part of your journey and adventures with their newest Wrangler Travel Planner.

Wrangler is a known brand that is built for traveling and the open road. But they don't just stop with your outfits, they also discover your passion and turn it into reality! Designed for the true wanderer, the 2017 Wranger Travel Planner is your perfect everyday companion for adventure and exploration. 

The Planner is made by reputable planner/journal maker Belle de Jour. :)

Functional, stylish and lightweight with its durable leather cover and refillable quarterly planning booklets with passion-inspired page layouts.

Bucket lists, dreams, purpose, and passions? Write them down!

This year, Wrangler encourages you to pursue what you love despite the many bumps along the way and aims to create True Wanderers out of everyone. True Wanderers take the open road to escape the pressures of normal life and freedom. True Wanderers are willing to take risks and go off beaten paths to discover an inner spirit that fuels their true passion with a purpose - a purpose that will give you the feeling of freedom and unlimited possibilities to explore. :)

Score your own copy for every Php 4,000 single-receipt purchase of Wrangler regular-priced items!

For travelers, adventurers and wanderers, this planner is for you! :) 

Visit https://www.facebook.com/WranglerPH for more information! 

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