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by - February 13, 2017

Beauty is somewhat a sensitive topic to talk about on the internet with everyone having their own standard of it. There are many definitions when it comes to beauty. It can be someone with a bare face and proud of it or someone who finds confidence in makeup and beauty products. There are a lot! But Dove celebrates only this - your own kind of beautiful! :)

What exactly is your own kind of beautiful? Well, personally for me it simply means embracing and expressing yourself in your own unique beauty. :) If it makes you happy, then it will surely show! If you are like me who is often bare faced and feels comfortable in it, then go for it! If you are someone who is talented with makeup and looks amazing it in, why not! ^_^ Beauty comes in all forms. :)

There are a lot of women that inspire me, when they look confidently beautiful without makeup on and there are also ladies that I truly admire with makeup on. :) I salute each kind! Together with Dove, I believe that we should empower everyone to love all kinds of beauty!

So, to all the girls out there, let us spread the love and cheers to a beautiful 2017! Thank you to Dove for always pushing real beauty to everyone!

Artsy Ava

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