SMURF: The Lost Village at McDonald's!♥

by - April 08, 2017

Every time the kids and I make a trip to McDonald's to eat, the first thing that they look at isn't the menu, because the already know what they want. They always look forward to what the next Happy Meal is going to be and last week, I actually took Athan with me to submit some requirements at my school and after I took him to McDo to have lunch. As expected he made a dash towards the Happy Meal toy display and got excited to see the Smurfs with their little houses. :) So, of course we got one! :)

But today, we had a surprising package in the mail and it definitely made the boys über happy!

My other son Asher and I recently watched Smurfs: The Lost Village, so this is relatable for him right now and the kids really love small things. :)

The new Smurf movie is all about adventure, so get ready for a fantastic one with McDonald's new Smurfs Happy Meal Toys! Collect all eight of them in vibrant colors for a fun playtime experience. Each toy features a specially designed Smurf house and two unique Smurf friends, including favorite characters like Papa Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette! :) Complete your own Smurf village!

You can already catch these adorable Smurfs Happy Meal toys in all McDonald's stores nationwide! Each toy comes FREE with every purchase of your kid's favorite McDonald's Happy Meal! :)

Just a little emotional when I see my kids with their Happy Meals. It feels like it was just yesterday when my own Mom used to get me my Happy Meal toys and now, I do it for my children.

As soon as I finished taking photos, they already had dibs on it! ^_^ 

Share photos of your very own Smurf village on McDonald's Facebook page: :)

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