Watson's 7-Day Mask Challenge + Giveaway winners!

by - April 10, 2017

If you follow me on my social media accounts, you would know that I have been so obsessed with Korean Dramas lately and it has influenced me in so many ways. I love everything Korean! Be it their music, food, fashion and even beauty! I wasn't really particular with beauty products before, but now, I am so hooked on face masks! I don't just go to Watson's for just medicines anymore. I frequent their stores to scout for the latest Korean beauty products, which luckily they carry now! ^_^

Whenever I see my favorite Korean actress, I can't help but admire their beautiful and glowing skin! How can you not love Korean products, right? So, I decided to accept the 7-Day Mask Challenge to achieve my Song Hye-Kyo and Lee Sung-Kyung skin goals!

I was able to receive a bunch of face masks from Watson's and it was absolutely a dream come true! A girl can never have too many face masks! Agree? :)

I want to share with you my some photos of my challenge! Starting with my Day 1 'BEFORE' look photo! :)

I usually put masks once or twice a week, so this is the first time I did it for 7 days straight. :) But I won't be showing all 7 days since some of the masks I used are the same. :)

So, the first one I used is the PUREDERM Clean & Fresh Peeling Gel. It's not the type that you leave on for a long time nor the one that you literally peel off your face. It's actually a convenient type of face mask. You simply wash your face, dry it, apply the product and leave it on for one (1) minute. :) Yes, you heard it right! Just one minute! Then, you rinse it off your face. :) So, if you're the type who wants a fast and effective beauty mask, then you can go for this particular one from PUREDERM. Super easy to use! It also has a lovely Apple, Lemon, Orange extract scent to it that I like. I used this from Day 1 to Day 4. :)

For my Day 5, I decided to try something different and I spotted one of my favorite brand 23 Years Old! I tried their Badecasil Dermaseal mask before and fell in love with it! No kidding that it is still my favorite mask until now. :) But more about this Cocoon Willow Silky Mask - it is so cool on the face and made my face feel fresh and awake! :) If you have dry skin, give this a go! Used this for two days!

Finally, my Day 7 'AFTER' look photo! ^_^

I'm so glad I did this challenge! I can see the positive results! My skin looked a bit dull on Day 1 and on Day 7 it has a certain glow to it even without makeup!  Aside from that, it also feels softer and moisturized. :)

Even if the challenge is over, I'm definitely still going to continue this routine! ^_^

And of course, I didn't just challenge myself, but also my readers who are also obsessed with face masks like me! I had a little giveaway on Instagram and now going to announce the 3 LUCKY girls who won! :)

Congratulations, Fiibiiruth, Jamhiee and Rheagulafo for winning and thank you for joining me in this wonderful 7-Day Challenge! ^_^ You each win 5,000 worth of Mask Sheets from Watson's!♥ 

All the face masks that I posted here are available at Watson's stores! :) Visit https://www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH/ for updates!

Artsy Ava

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  1. Yayyyy! Thank you Ms. Ava!!! :) -Fiibiiruuth :)

  2. OMGGG. Thank you so much Ate Ava!! 💚

  3. Yay, thank you for picking my entry! ❤️ Do I need to DM anything? BTW, I love how pinkish your cheeks are lately! :)


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