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by - June 06, 2017

Comfort is always a big must for me when it comes to walking long hours or distances, but not all flats or sandals are comfortable when walking. Which is why I always make sure to invest on shoes that stylish and fits my active lifestyle.

Just last weekend, my family and I went on a little trip to the museum and malling after. It involved a lot of walking and carrying my toddler, so I made sure I wore my Body Shoe from Hush Puppies. :)

For people who love walking anywhere and everywhere, this is the perfect shoes for you. There are eight styles to choose from in the Body Shoe collection and I personally got the Racine Aida. It has an adjustable backstrap for a secure fit, moulded microfiber football for comfort and breathable microfiber lining and rubber outsole for unparalleled grip and traction. 

The pair is lightweight and easy to style! I can wear this with pants, dresses, shorts and even skirts! 

They're flexible to any kind of walking that I have to do or even if I have to run in them to chase Asher all over the museum or carry him haha! :) My feet doesn't hurt at all!

To see the other styles from the Body Shoe collection, visit :)

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