Back-to-school tips with NBS!

by - June 15, 2017

Almost all of our kids are now officially back-to-school and I'm sure most of us mommies already have everything we need for this school year. :) 

Personally, both my boys are going to school this year and Athan is on his second week of school already, while Asher will have his first day on the 19th. For some moms who also have their kids' school opening next week and still haven't completed their school supplies or if it's your child's first time ever to go to school, you might want to check out some of the tips that my mom friend Shari and I have. ^_^

I hope Shari and I were able to help you, guys for this year's back-to-school! Just always remember that back-to-school shopping should be a fun bonding experience with you and your kid/s! ^_^ National Bookstore has a lot of stuff that you and your kids will surely love and prepare you all year round! :)

If you want to see some of the things I got for me and my kids, click >>>>HERE<<<<

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