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We often get questioned, "Beauty or brains?" But why do we have to pick, if we can actually choose and encourage to have both? A lot of remarkable woman have been stereotyped either for their unforgettable good looks or their amazing intelligence. It's sad that sometimes people around us expect women to just be one of those.

Céleteque, a brand trusted by dermatologists, celebrates women who are both beautiful plus smart at the same time.

The decision to embrace your intelligence and beauty all boils down to the choices you make, and in choosing a product that would help make you look better, it's always a great idea to make intelligent and informed choices. Céleteque's #ThinkPlusBeautiful campaign zeroes in on the idea that smart beauty choices are the best ones, and that the true woman of substance knows exactly what she needs to achieve healthy and beautiful skin. :)

The best thing is that Céleteque carries a wide variety of beauty products that suits normal to sensitive skin needs. :) They also have a makeup line!

Truly there are so many beautiful and smart women in our time, like Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, Gwyneth Paltrow and more. :)

Along with the launch of their campaign, they also featured three individuals that serve as living examples that beauty and brains can coexist: Beauty queen Shamcey Supsup, who is a beauty queen,  licensed architect and board exam topnotcher; Doctor Ian Banzon who is also a national athlete for Water Polo and CrossFit enthusiast and triathlete. Last but not the least is News Correspondent Marie Lozano, who aside from her career in Journalism is a veritable staple in fashion and beauty "best" lists. 

So to all the ladies out there, embrace being both! #ThinkPlusBeautiful is a great inspiration to women everywhere, from whatever field, to encourage beauty plus intelligence that can come in one total package! ^_^

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