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by - June 20, 2017

Are you a true BELIEBER? 

If you are, you must have been one of the many people who rushed to SM Megamall last June 1 to see first hand the amazing Oxygen x Bieber clothes and get dibs on the coolest streetwear collection! I know, I sure didn't want to miss out on it and shopped right away! :)

Doesn't hurt that I'm also listening to Despacito while typing this entry! >_< Haha!

After landing songs at the top of the music charts, Justin Bieber is now gearing up to bring purpose to your wardrobe. 

The Oxygen x Bieber collection is composed of cool graphic tees, pullovers, bomber jackets, caps, and hoodies that take heavy inspiration from the pop star himself and his hit album, Purpose. Below are some styles that will make you go eenie meenie miny moe!;)

 I've been wanting a hoodie for quite awhile now and saw this purple one and immediately snagged it! :) Definitely gonna be a closet staple! So, I really hope the weather gets cooler!

I actually also wanted the cap! Hmmm.. I should go back for it! ^_^

Aside from cool outfits, they also have body sprays, drawstring bags and caps! ^_^ 

The Oxygen x Bieber collection is now available at Oxygen stores! Get your very own merchandise before it runs out! :)

For more information and updates, visit https://www.facebook.com/oxygenclothing/ :)

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