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Back to my Japan travel blog again and this time with Day 2! :) 

For our second day in Osaka, our itinerary was a whole day at Universal Studios Japan. It has been exactly 14 years since I last stepped in Universal Studios and back then it was in Florida, so I wasn't sure what they had new at Japan. But I do know they have The Wizarding World of Harry Potter there and I definitely wanted to see that. :)

We were able to go to USJ via train and we had two transfers from our station Osaka Namba to Universal City Station. You would instantly know you're there cos of the many kids around and hints of USJ characters. :)

Being able to visit Universal Studios again was such a joy for me. Though I didn't really go here to go on the rides, because my grandmother can't do fast ones due to her heart conditions + my mom has motion sickness, I knew it was still going to be fun experience. I never really went out of a theme park unhappy, so excited what the day had for us! :)

We initially bought our tickets to USJ ahead at Kansai, Osaka airport. As soon as we got out of immigration, we saw the JTB booth and got our tickets there. If you buy here, you wouldn't need to line up anymore at the ticket booth or be hassled. You can immediately go to the entrance gate! 

The one day pass for adults is around Php 3,420/person or 7,600 Yen. :)

The theme park is really big, so don't be fooled! I actually didn't know why I initially didn't get a map of the place. I was being confident that I could find every single spot that I wanted. But eventually I gave up and went to take a photo of the display map that you can also find around the park!

Also, if you're planning to go during summer, do not wear a jacket or cover up! I repeat, DO NOT! >_< haha! Learned this the hard way! Cover up + backpack = profuse sweating!

Was able to catch one of the stage shows as soon as we stepped inside, which was The Sesame Street Ultimate Dance! They were speaking in Japanese, so just pretty much enjoyed the moves!

BTW, all of the performances and shows in Universal Studios Japan would be 100% in Japanese, so you might find it hard to understand, but I didn't really have much of a problem with it cos I enjoyed everything! It was already a feast for the eyes. :)

My old school soul definitely loved these cute food trucks! :) I wish we had some of these in Manila!

Like I said above, I really had my heart set on seeing Harry Potter World, so I asked my Mom if we could do that first. :) She knows how giddy I was for this and so we went!

Definitely feeling Hogwarts was close by when I saw this car! ^_^

As you can see here, I gave up on my cover up! Haha!

Three generation of 'CHOA' women! :) Thankful to have them in my life!

I've seen this 'Madam Puddifoot's Tea & Cakes' shop in a few posts online before and told myself that  if ever I go to USJ, i'll definitely have my photo taken here! :) Check! ^_^

One of my favorite parts about theme parks are souvenir shops and luckily, USJ has A LOT of them! :) Plus, you are free to take photos too! Spotted these cute stuff...

Walls filled with lots of wands! We were also able to watch a little show at Olivanders! :) 

Always a Gryffindor! :) But my second favorite would have to be Slytherin! I'm extreme like that! Haha! What's your favorite house? :)

Also spotted the Frog Choir as part of the street entertainment! :)

Last stop before I bade goodbye to Hogwarts - Honeydukes! :) You can buy the famous Frog chocolate and Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, and many other sweets here! 

After our visit to Hogwarts, we went to have lunch at the first place we saw vacant! It's quite difficult to find a dining place that isn't full at USJ! >_< Thankfully, there's Mel's Diner!

 I told my Mom that I wasn't really that hungry and she came back with a kiddie meal! HAHAHA! I honestly loved it though! ^_^ I live for cuteness!♥♥♥

While eating, I heard that there was some noise outside and saw that the Water Surprise Parade was ongoing and I assume this is only every summer since they were literally getting everyone WET!

It was like going to a waterpark! They had water guns and buckets to throw around people watching the parade. I had to hide every single time I took a photo cos I didn't have extra clothes! Wasn't planning to go home drenched! Haha! :)

Next up is Amityvillage!

Now, this, I was looking forward to the most as well! They also have this at Universal Studios Florida and it's one of the rides that I missed the most. :) I kept reminiscing about this and knowing they had this at USJ and it's a really steady and slow ride, it was perfect for both my mom and grandmother! :)

Ready to take a plunge! >_< Wasn't able to take a photo during the ride cos as most of you know, that's a no-no in some rides/attractions.

I did have this photo as a souvenir though! Haha! My mom is such an enabler at taking my photos when it comes to souvenirs! =P 

Another attraction that got my kawaii heart pumped is the Minion Park! :)

Everything here is just SO ADORABLE!!! I can't contain gushing all over! :) Good thing I was able to watch Despicable Me 3 a few weeks before my Japan trip! :) Couldn't stop saying "Bello" while I was here. =P

Again, cannot get enough of souvenir shops! Here's another one, Minion style! 

It's SO fluffy!!!

If only I could buy all the stuff in this store I would! Haha! Not just for me, but for my kids as well. :) I'm sure they would have totally loved this area. ;)

Jurassic Park was just small compared to the other attractions and was more concentrated on rides.

But had to take a photo near this car cos the kids are such fans of the movie and I knew they would flip if they see a photo of me here. :) Truly, they did! They were very impressed! Points for mommy! ;)

The very last attraction we went to before heading home was Universal Wonderland!

This area is all about Hello Kitty, Snoopy and Sesame Street! Also the perfect spot for families and little kids to have fun! :) I sorely missed my boys so much when I was here.♥♥♥

This whole thing is meant for the kids to play at! My kids would go gaga here! The name 'Wonderland' is so apt!

One of my favorite head pieces at USJ! If only I could use it on a daily basis and not look silly! =P But obviously it's too kiddy for everyday use, so a photo will do!

Only Hello Kitty could make my grandmother and mom make a kawaii pose! >_< HAHA! Good job!

We were going around the park when nightfall came and I saw the Gudetama shop when I glanced to left and jolted right in! I even remember semi-shouting, "OMG!! Gudetamaaaaa!!" And my mom got weirded out haha! Probably cos I was too excited for an egg! =P

The unpractical side of me wanted to get that pineapple purse so bad. But again, nothing would fit, so I'll just ogle! ^_^ ♥♥♥

Another cool thing I saw was the Dragon Ball Z attraction and souvenir shop! :) Though I know they aren't originally from Universal Studios, as my husband pointed out. But since it is uniquely from Japan, I guess they decided to add it to the theme park. ^_^

Before heading out of USJ, we were able to get a glimpse of DJ Tora's show and the cute Minions! Bello!!!

Back at Universal City! We were quite hungry since the park closed already by 9PM, we didn't have a place to dine at inside. This is just right outside the park, BTW...

One of my first authentic Japanese meal! Yum! :)

After our delicious and filling dinner, we looked around Universal City and spotted this Takoyaki Museum!

They had quite a few stalls that sold Takoyaki there. :) If you love this food, better go here! Personally, my husband loves this thing!

Last, but not the least is a store that I found super cute! I didn't buy anything here. I just took a photo for remembrance! Hihihi! :")

That ends my Osaka Day 2 adventure! Day 3 was super packed and a happy day for me, so hoping I can blog about that soon! :) If you want to read my Day 1 in Osaka ---♥

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