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by - August 29, 2017

There are often times that I doubt myself. I know most of us do and with social media nowadays showing us the "perfect" side of everyones lives, it's difficult to shrug all the feelings aside and just forget.

I personally have felt this so many times. When I got pregnant at an early age, I never knew how I was going to handle it. A lot of questions ran in my mind and the one that played the most was, "Can I raise a child at only 19 years old?" Then the time that I entered college and I had to balance school, raising a family and part-time work... again, "Can I do this??" Lastly, when someone is always better out there and I'm also trying to be the best, "Will I be able to standout?"


Thankfully there is a company like AVON who never stops believing and empowering women. They look beyond beauty and celebrate the most amazing things about Filipinas, and that's being powerful and fearless! :)

True enough, we all have our struggles in life, but it is how we bravely handle and overcome them that counts in the end.


My journey has countless of ups and downs. It wasn't easy to get where I am now. There were a lot of tears that made me want to quit, but also made me stronger. Looking back at everything, I don't regret a single thing. I embrace being a young mom to the fullest and I wouldn't want to change thing. :) I was able to graduate and balance all the things that I love in life. ^_^ and in life, there will always be someone better than you, but it is all about trusting yourself, that you are capable of doing amazing things too!

Whatever challenges you face in life, always remember to believe in yourself. ♥  :)

Another thing I love about AVON is their intimates. They have the best quality and I swear by this! Absolutely comfortable too! Been an Avon user for years and until now, they're still at their best state even after so many washes!  They offer a wide variety of designs and styles that have a perfect fit. :)

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