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by - September 04, 2017

We all know how popular Korean beauty products are in the Philippines, so it's not doubt why a lot of brands keep coming in and I'm not complaining! :) I'm sure my fellow 'Chingus' are also overjoyed by this, because we no longer have to keep asking friends who go to Korea to by us this and that or to even have them shipped all the way here via courier. Now, it's as easy as going to the mall or even conventions! ^_^ 

If you, guys follow me on Instagram, you would know that my friend Ana, Ashley and I, have a group called "Korea in Manila" a.k.a. K.I.M. There we post everything that we find Korean here in Manila. So, whether its food, concerts, happenings, fashion or beauty products, we post it! :) 

Will be sharing with you some of my Korea in Manila beauty finds!


Whether it's watching your favorite K-drama actress or K-Pop Idols, we all have somewhat been influenced greatly by their flawless and beautiful skin and want to achieve that glowing look as well. :)

Most Korean beauty products are formulated for Korean skin, but now, there is a Korean beauty brand that is specially made for our very own Filipina skin! Say Annyeong to MIYU!^_^

Dr. Hae Jo | Amway's Country Manager Ms. Leni Olmedo | Brand Marketer Ms. Joy Bacay

MIYU means 'beauty within you' and it is a brand-new Korean skincare from Amway Philippines that has the natural ingredient called Buckwheat -  *insert Goblin here* >_< Maybe if I use this everyday, Gong Yoo will appear! Haha! =P

Buckwheat is known to help brighten your skin and make complexion look fairer. Another unique ingredient that they have is the Chaga Mushroom that tightens your pores. :)

I know most of you are familiar with the 10 step skin routine, but with MIYU, there are only 3 steps!

1. MIYU 3-in-1 Whitening Cleanser [Php 499] - washes away the dirt from the face while moisturizing and whitening, leaving skin soft, hydrated and bright
2. MIYU 3-in-1 Whitening Toner [Php 699] - removes dead skin cells, minimizes pores and brightens skin
3. MIYU 3-in-1 Whitening Moisturizer [Php 749] - moisturizes skin, protects skin from harmful UV rays with SPF30 and immediately whitens skin

You can also get the whole set for Php 1,947 and is exclusively available only from Amway Philippines. :)

Krestle Deomampo - the face of MIYU

2/3 of Korea in Manila! Ashley and me! :)

For more information about MIYU, visit https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAmwayPH/  :)

Last month, the K.I.M friends and I went to our first Korean convention ever and there they had so much Korean beauty products. Majority of them aren't the mainstream ones that you see in stores and some are only exclusively selling it at the convention, but I've seen the effects of some and they're truly impressive! We also have a VLOG of the Korean Product Festival, if you want to check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFmIv6yOYyk&t=14s :)

One of the booths there that stood out for me the most was the Charm Zone booth. :) One of their known products is Dr. Frog, but they carry other unique skincare and cosmetic products. They also have Yoo In-na of Goblin as their endorser! ;) 

Check more of CharmZone on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/charmzoneph!

Eres Tu is now in Manila!

Eres Tu is a brand from Korea that specializes in sunscreen and skincare products with anti-aging benefits.

♥ Eres Tu My Daily Amor Brightening Complex Sun Cream SPF 50+/PA+++
~ makes skin translucent and instantly bright

♥ Eyes Tu Always Young & Beautiful Restorative Day & Night Cream
~ "must-have-in-pouch" beauty remedy for all your skin woes from dryness, darkening, dullness and wrinkles

♥ Eres Tu My Youth Reactivator Blemish/Age Concealing Day Cream
~ improves elasticity, eliminate blemishes and scars, correct age spots and counter the effects of aging of the skin due to harmful UV rays

The brand also carries Eres Tu Sun Perfect UV Ray Protection SPF 50+ PA+++ [Php 599]
~ gives skin whitening properties and even protects your skin from the harsh sun. Plus, it's lightweight!
Lastly, BB Creams - Eres Tu Multi BB Reborn Beta Glucan Cream [Php 349] and Eres Tu Peptide Special BB Cream [Php 799]. Now, you can easily get these products at your nearest Watsons store! :)

That's it! :) Can't wait to share my next Korea in Manila post with the category of FOOD! Till my next blog! ;) Kamsahamnida!♥♥♥

Artsy Ava

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