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by - September 12, 2017

When it comes to loving beauty products, you could say I'm a late bloomer. Only in my early 20s did I start loving eyeliner and different kinds of lipsticks, and in my late 20s have the appreciation for the amazing benefits of face masks. So, please do excuse my face sometimes if I look too pale! >_<  I believe I'm late in the game, but catching up! :)

Recently, I discovered a new product that caught my fancy and I knew it can be something that I can add to my beauty routine - Shiseido the collagen drink!

I know there are a lot of collagen drinks in the market nowadays, but Shiseido is a known pioneer when it comes to beauty products and their collagen drink has unique patented beauty ingredients that can bring your inner beauty out. 

Of course, who better to represent Shiseido the collagen drink, but Anne Curtis herself!

At the launch of Shiseido the collagen drink at Makati Shangri-La Hotel, I was able to get a few tips from dermatologist, Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino on what collagen does for our body. I actually only learned from her that the collagen in our body starts to deplete as early as 25 years old and with this you can already see the signs of aging. Personally, I'm already 28 years old and I can somewhat see the changes happening to my face. I should have started early with banking my collagen! =P

The two unique ingredients that can be found in Shiseido the collagen drink is Ligonberry and AMLA, Indian Gooseberry. So how do these benefit your body?


~ This super fruit contains plant chemical called polyphenols - antioxidants
~ This natural ingredients help neutralize the effect's of the sun's radiation
~ reduce redness and skin sensitivity
~ promotes healthy, moist, glowing skin

AMLA, Indian gooseberry

~ Lightens the complexion
~ Anti-aging effects
~ Exfoliating and cleansing agent
~ Reduces pigmentation
~ Skin Brightener
~ Treats Acne and pimples
~ Skin Toner and Tightener
~ Repairs Damaged Tissues

The Shiseido Collagen Drink is not only beneficial for your beauty needs, but it's also healthy! It has Vitamin C, B2, B6 and E! :) It's also caffeine and preservative free!

During the media launch, Anne Curtis was asked if she's already experiencing the signs of aging? To which she answered...

"Once you hit 30, a few more wrinkles start coming out. It's happening, but I don't mind. It's part of the aging process. As long as you're happy and content, and you learn how to take care of yourself, you'll stay youthful."  :)

Anne Curtis also is the type who doesn't get much sleep due to her work schedule, but in order to look fresh and blooming, she has the help of Shiseido the collagen drink! I heard she drinks about 3 bottles to lessen eye bags! 

The Shiseido Collagen Drink has two kinds - Shiseido Collagen Drink and Shiseido Collagen EX Drink...

These two only vary with the age. You drink The Collagen EX drink if you're in your 40s and the other one, as early as age 25. :)

If you're wondering about the taste, it's pretty good! Like a fruit drink with a slightly think consistency, but I actually enjoyed it! :) 

PRICES are below as follows...

1. The Collagen Drink Bottle (50ml) - Php 229.50
2. Collagen EX Drink Bottle (50ml) - Php 254.50
3. The Collagen Powder Pouch (126g) - Php 2,499.50
4. The Collagen Tablet (126 tabs) - Php 3,499.50
5. Collagen EX Tablet (120 tabs) - Php 6,799.50

Cheers to happy, glowing and healthy skin! ^_^ 

Shiseido the collagen drink is now available in Mercury Drugstores nationwide!

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