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by - September 07, 2017

Every person wants to be the best that they can be in every endeavor and despite the many challenges  that we encounter, we all still try to be amazing at what we do. These are some qualities that we goal-driven Filipinas have. But sometimes, things tend to get too busy and we neglect our selves. No more time to go head to the salon and get pampered or stress tends to get to the best of us. These factors affect us greatly and it can even get to our crowning glory.

Yes, stressing, the horrible pollution and change of climate can take a toll on our hair and more often than not, with our busy schedule we don't have time to fix it. Thankfully, there is a brand like Cream Silk that we can easily get our hands on and help us with our hair woes.

Now, Cream Silk isn't just your everyday conditioner. It now has customized solutions for every modern Filipina's hair needs. Because, lets admit it, we all have different demands when it comes to our tresses. We may need something to help with dryness, frizziness, dandruff, dullness, etc. With this new range, it's easier to know what can help us have beautiful and manageable hair. :)

With these 7 new variants, you have the Power to Transform and be your best self!

Personally, my favorite from the range is Cream Silk Stunning Shine with Pia Wurtzbach, Cream Silk Damage Control with Nadine Lustre and Cream Silk Dry Rescue with Yassi Pressman. :)

I recently started using the new Cream Silk Customized Solutions and here's a "Just shampoo" look vs. "With Cream Silk Conditioner" look below...

Typically before, I would just use shampoo and dash out of the shower and be on my way to events, meetings or work, and my hair can get unruly despite it being so short. As you can see above, it got a bit fluffy and untamed after air drying.

This is photo is when I used the Cream Silk Damage Control variant. :) This is just air dried hair. I didn't use a blow dryer. I chose that cos I obviously have colored hair and it has somehow taken a bit of impact to my locks. By using the conditioner, I have softer and healthier looking hair. ^_^

Having amazing looking hair can make a lot of difference. It makes you feel more confident, happy and as if you can conquer the whole world a.k.a. your busy day! ;) Doesn't it? I personally think my whole outfit or look of the day is so much better with beyond beautiful hair.

Now, you need not to look far, because Cream Silk has got your back!

For more information about Cream Silk, visit https://www.facebook.com/creamsilkph/ :)

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