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by - March 22, 2018

When Pandora first opened here in the Philippines, I honestly wasn't the type who gushed over it so much nor even tried visiting any of their stores. I mean, I would look on the display outside, but I didn't fully understand why people were into it. But when the Hubby gifted me with my first-ever clasp bracelet and charm last Christmas, I instantly fell in love!♥ I guess it makes a huge difference when it comes from someone you love and it made me realize that the charms can be reminders or symbols of significant things in my life. ^_^

After that gift, I started browsing through Pandora's site for their charm collection and funny thing, even my mom got hooked on charm-searching with me! >_< During our trip to Singapore, we got additional two charms and now, we visit almost every Pandora store we see! Women + jewelry..sigh... never gets old! =P

Recently, the brand has launched their Pandora Shine collection and I've been seeing it celebrated in different countries, like New York, Milan, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and just last Wednesday, Philippines too!

I absolutely felt over the moon that I got to witness the launch. :) Everything was shiny and golden when I got to Manila House and the best news that greeted our arrival was we had the pleasure of having our photographs taken by THE Shaira Luna and Sara Black!  Since I'm pa-tweetums haha I went with Shaira!♥

She takes such awesome photos and gives great posing suggestions!!  I seriously run out of poses fast, so I felt really comfortable with her! :)

Back to the party...

Even the food shines bright! This table filled with sweets were also in a golden theme! So much love for it! Hello, gold strawberries and macarons!♥♥♥

The Pandora Shine Collection...

This collection is all about the rich golden hues - 18K gold-plated sterling silver. :)

The Pandora Shine line is not just accessories to sport, but also aims to empower women to shine in all their endeavors and to inspire other girls as well! :)

Preview Magazine and Pandora partnered up and picked these amazing and inspiring women to represent the collection. :)

How about you? Who makes you shine bright? ^_^

Other inspiring ladies I got to hangout with that night....

Kim, Bea, Jeline, Anina, Dani, Manissa and Christiana :)

It was definitely a golden party and one that I really enjoyed! :) Always remembering to keep shining, beautiful one. The world needs your light. ;) 


The Pandora Shine Collection is now available in stores, so do check it out! You can also visit their site:♥

On a different note, I'm excited for the Spring Collection!! >_< HAHA!

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