Women Empowerment with SM Woman + Levi's and Burt's Bee.♥

by - March 24, 2018

This month of March is International Women's month and being a woman in this age can  still be tough, but at the same time, it's a good time to be alive! There are so many people and brands that support women empowerment, which is why I'm really happy!

Just some brands that are stepping up to the plate are the following events that I went to this month!

For quite some time now, SM Woman has been evident in their support towards women with their all shapes and sizes clothes. I totally love this because they're really living up to their tagline of 'Fashion for every woman'. ^_^

All the more during the launch of their annual Coco Cabana 2018 Summer Collection...

They showcased a beautiful line of stylish swimwear and resort wear. Serving hot trends, like hyper botanicals, fun and flirty ruffles, classic black and white suits, sleek and sexy metallics, and suede numbers. But the thing that stood out for me was the models! Usually you'd typically see thin models strutting down, but SM Woman picked out beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and colors for this show and I am in love! 

This summer, SM Woman delivers exactly what every woman wants!♥

Another brand that showed me women power is Levi's! They gathered three incredible women to share their inspiring stories of how they shape their world!

The first one is none other than my tattoo artist and friend, Wiji Lacsamana! :) I swear, this woman is SO amazing! She's the jill of all trades! She makes perfume, cosmetics, illustrates and tattoos! ^_^ Talent never falls short for her and she's also a hands-on mom to her son.♥

She's definitely one of the women I look up to, because she doesn't let anything limit her!

Another one is Jasmine Mendiola, a brave mom who doesn't let challenges get in the way. She believes in herself and lives positively! :)

Last, but not the least is Love Love Tioseco, a super bike gooddess, who didn't let her accident stop her from getting back on her bike and continuing her passion. She also doesn't let other intimidate her when it comes to the sport. Until now, she is the only girl racing a 1000cc displacement motorcycle here in the Philippines! :) Just wow!

Seriously, how inspired are you now after watching them?? :) Thank you, Levi's for this boost! If these women can shape their world, we can too! Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! ;)
Next is Burt's Bee!

Reese Ruiz of Rags2Riches, Celebrity Endorser Bianca King, Makeup artist Denise Go Ochoa and Angelie Gervacio of the Perlas Spikers. :)
To celebrate International Women's month, Burt's Bee collaborated with naturally beautiful, real and confident women to share their empowering stories of determination and achievements, and how they strive to be a force of good strength, so they can also bring it out in others. :)

These girls talked about supporting each other as women -  If you're blessed in life, be a blessing to others as well, and do what makes you happy! :)

Burt's Bee has always been a brand that looks out for women. They make sure that their products are good for us and for all. :)  I remember using their diaper cream for my kids when they were still babies. They never had a rash when we used it!

On my part, I personally think I'm a force of nature, because I never let anyone dictate who I should or should not be. For as long as I know that I'm not heading in the wrong direction, I live my life! :) I also hope to inspire all the young moms out there that, even if you have kids already, you can still chase your dreams. It's never too late! It may take some time and a lot of handwork, but just believe and persevere! ^_^

To all the awesome brands out there, like SM Woman, Levi's and Burt's Bee, I hope you continue this wonderful path of supporting women and may there be more like you!♥


Artsy Ava

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  1. Such great and inspiring women. Every women is great and has it's own story to be applauded for. Just like you..I really admire you for being committed to your work as well as to your family. It may look simple to others but we should have each others back to lift ones uniqueness or individuality.


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