Being a part of the Netflix Stream Team + Meeting Drew Barrymore.♥

by - April 04, 2018

They say that when you choose a job that you love or passionate about, you will never have to work a day in your life. How lucky for me that one of the jobs that I recently have, is exactly what I'm very passionate about - Netflix and chill!♥

I don't exactly remember for how long, but I know it has been years since I sat in front of a TV for hours or actually had a show to monitor. Ever since I discovered Netflix, I always made sure my subscription was up to date cos I would get so hooked on the series that they have and there are even some that I get so obsessed with that I actually join fan groups on Facebook! LOL! >_< Haha! 

So, when I was asked if I wanted to be part of the Netflix Stream Team here in the Philippines, what do you think was the answer? A big YES! What else?? A job that simply requires you to enjoy all their shows/movies and to just share your experience with others. Something that I've been doing way before. Can you say, dream job? ;)

With my fellow moms and Stream Team members! :)

Best part of being on the Stream Team is that, we also enjoy perks, like being the first to know new shows, getting cool merchandise, and witnessing exclusive events. :) One of which was the recent launch of Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 here in Manila!

 Never in my life did I think I would ever see in person my favorite angel, Drew Barrymore! ♥ Her movies were definitely best-loved when I was growing up. Now, she's part of Netflix and couldn't be happier seeing her in Santa Clarita Diet! ^_^

Had the chance to see her in person and only a few feet away! I love the first photo I took of her on stage and she was smiling at us! :)

 I really love how humble and nice Drew Barrymore is! She kept saying how being in Manila was a dream for her and she will never forget it! :) Love her!♥ Can she be anymore perfect?? So thankful to Netflix for this experience!

After the little meet and greet, we were also able to watch the first episode of Santa Clarita Diet S2

I swear, Netflix always has the best installations! Have you seen the one at Asiapop Comicon last year???

I love how this series shows you that no matter what challenges you encounter in life, as long as you have your family supporting you, you'll be able to get through anything! :) Even if that means you become a zombie! Haha!

My look for the red carpet event! :) 

Netflix is already a part of our family's life and getting the chance to be part of the Stream Team is truly the happiest experience. :) Moving in with them has been the best decision!

Reasons why I love Netflix...

1. I have control over what my kids watch cos of their kid-friendly feature
2. They have a great collection of series, movies and documentaries
3. I can download series/movies and watch them even w/o WiFi
4. I can watch anytime and anywhere
5. NO ADS! I cannot stress enough how I dislike being disturbed while watching haha
6. I discover new shows that I never knew I'd love
7. I can share it with my loved ones - 5 different profiles in one account!
8.  No lagging
9. BINGE watching at its finest! Don't have to wait for the next episode. :)
10. Original TV series and movies to choose from

These are only a few of the reasons. :) But my most favorite would have to be the downloading part. It has saved me so many times when I bring Asher to work events. He gets bored easily cos he's only 5 years old and toddlers don't take well to boredom. So, being able to download his favorite shows, like Tayo The Little Bus, Llama Llama, Super Wings, etc. keeps him positively entertained and happy while momma works! :)

My Favorite Netflix Shows or Movies...

1. Outlander
2. Black Mirror
3. Stranger Things
4. Revenge
5. The Series of Unfortunate Events
6. Once Upon A Time
7. Girl Boss
8. Alias Grace
9. Haters Back Off!
10. Queer Eye
11. Okja
12. Irreplaceable You
13. Santa Clarita Diet
14. RuPaul's Drag Race
15. Altered Carbon

The only problem I have with Netflix is that, I get so confused on which show to watch next whenever I'm done with a certain series. There are so many choices and so little time in a day! >_< Haha! I need more than 24 hours to binge watch! =P

I have yet to discover so much about Netflix!  For now, I'm thankful for being part of the Stream Team and enjoying it so much. :) 

Visit to know what I mean. ;) ♥

Artsy Ava

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