5 Reasons why I love the Cream Silk Fresh Hydration.♥

by - March 28, 2018

Summer is all about the fun and colorful days under the sun and it's actually one of my favorite seasons! I love dressing up for it and taking my kids to many activities outdoors! But the downside is that, it can take a toll on my hair cos of the extreme heat. 

This March, Cream Silk has unveiled its newest haircare for the summer - Cream Silk Fresh Hydration!♥  It's specifically designed to combat summer-dryness and is customized to keep your hair fresh and hydrated without the greasy feel for up to 24 hours. :)

My conditioner is actually Cream Silk as well. I use their regular variants at times to keep my hair tamed. But during the days that I don't use conditioners, my hair can look like this...

This is me post-pony tail. >_< Not really the best hair day for me! My hair can get frizzy and oily during summer, so it has a life of its own even if I comb it well. The scents of shampoo and conditioner also easily escapes my tresses when I'm under the sun long enough. Oh the many dilemmas! :( 

After trying the Cream Silk Fresh Hydration, this is how my hair looks after air drying...

My observation and reasons why I love the product...

1. My hair feels so much softer and fresh!
2. I found this version of Cream Silk easier/faster to rinse off than most conditioners
3. The fresh scent lasted 24 hours even when I was out the whole day
4. No greasy/oily feeling on my hair
5. Tamed my hair the whole day!

I personally think I found my new favorite conditioner and the only downside of this is I have to hoard cos the Cream Silk Fresh Hydration is only available for a limited time! Only this summer, so if you see this in supermarkets or drugstores, better grab it! :)

Price: Php 109 - 170mL | Php 197.50 - 340mL 

My hair has found its summer partner! ♥

Artsy Ava

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  1. Been seeing this a lot on Ig, made me really wanna try it. I'm not a conditioner type of person..too lazy to do it! Lol! I have thick long hair sometimes it feels greasy or it weighs down my hair to much. But this one, packaging pa lang lakas maka fresh and also the content itself. For sure, magugustuhan ko ito specially this summer.


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