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by - June 21, 2018

A lot of Korean stores or inspired ones have been opening here in Manila lately and it's so exciting for a fan like me. If you're not familiar, my blogger friends Ana, Ashley and I have an Instagram account called 'Korea in Manila' and there we post anything/everything Korean. :) It's something we do for fun and if you also love Kdrama, Kpop, Korean food and K-beauty, do follow us! ^_^

Speaking of Korean stores, Ilahui, a one-stop shop for Korean inspired premium products has opened up a branch at UP Town Mall in Taguig. It's one of their biggest branches and will even have their own coffee shop soon! ^_^ The blogger friends and I were able to visit their store and shopped our hearts out!

With Ana, Paul and Pax!♥

Ilahui is one store that I would always stop by if I saw it in a mall. I'm easily drawn to wasteland stores and they're very much that and more! They also have skincare and home products that you will surely love. :) Their price range is also quite friendly, so you can definitely buy a lot even if you're on a budget!

The first thing I did was head to the toy section cos I wanted to see what I can get the boys. *Mom priorities!* >_< haha! I was actually surprised that they had a wide selection! I've been to other stores with the similar feel to Ilahui, but they have a much better option! Just take a look! :)

Ana and I also had a difficult time picking out which stuffed animal to bring home! There were so many cute options! We have so many on our beds already, but I still got two! >_< Yey!

Like I mentioned above, they also carry a lot of home stuff and if you're slowly filling up your condo or new home, then you might wanna drop by their store to add a little 'cute-ness' to your home.♥ 

I told myself that I want to be practical with my choices when shopping. But, who am I kidding? I'm not practical! LOL! >_< I can't resist all adorable plates and mugs around me! Can you guess how many I got? =P 

What made it even harder for me to resist stuff from Ilahui is that they have so many PASTEL colored items! I think I spent more than an hour just going around the store, trying to figure out which one I want to get since I can't have everything. HAHA! >_< Ang hirap!

What else to expect? Shelves and shelves of beauty products!

I love it when brands spend time in making their packaging really creative and cute! Makes it even harder to resist for me! Just look at these lippies! Oh and can't forget the cute biscuit containers that are actually nail polish removers and the SRP is only Php 49! You can also get two nail polish for only Php 99! ^_^

I got a cutie bath glove for the boys too! Well, not this particular design, but I wish I had a baby girl for this one!♥

Some accessories for your gadgets! They have chargers, power banks and more! :) 

Perfect for our rainy weather lately, these gradient colored umbrellas! Who said you can't look cute under the rain? ;)

Other things you can find at Ilahui are bags and accessories!:)

This happy girl and her happy haul! Thank you so much, Ilahui!

I also Vlogged about my Ilahui Haul! You can check it out below: 

I will go on ahead and say that it is very lengthy and I apologize for that! >_< I tried trimming it down, but I guess I still have to master the art of shorter videos! I'm just a beginner at this whole vlogging thing, so hopefully i'll get better! ♥ :)

For more information about Ilahui, visit :)
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