Singapore Day 2: Art Science Museum, Gardens by the Bay and Night Safari!♥

by - June 26, 2018

Its been a while since I last did a travel post! I've had a couple of deadlines that I had to put first, so that meant putting personal posts on pause and I also have a bad habit of jumping from one travel destination post to the next. >_< So, I'm sorry if there are still some Taiwan posts left! I actually have two from Japan and two from Korea left as well! Whew! Need to catch up on a lot! But I enjoy blogging travel related posts, because it brings me back to those happy memories! Plus, I'm itching to travel again! I miss it.♥

For now, here's day two of our short, but packed Singapore trip! :)

Since our trip in Singapore only composed of four full days, I really made sure that our itinerary was packed and no day would be wasted. For our second day, I planned to start with Art Science Museum and Gardens by the Bay together since they're both in the same location. :)

That's what I love about the Marina Bay Sands area, you can already experience so many tourist spots in one area. All you have to do is take the MRT to Bayfront station and you're there!^_^ Before anything else, my Mom and I had breakfast at our favorite CBTL Beanstro. :) The food here is  good and don't you just love the view?♥

I researched online that Art Science Museum had admission times, like 10:00AM, 11:30AM, 1:00PM and so on. So, I thought they would be quite strict with that. But when we got there, we were allowed to go in already as soon as we got our tickets. There are quite a few exhibits at the Art Science Museum, but my Mom and I were just focused on viewing FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science that is by  Team Lab. :)

The ticket price varies per exhibition or in case you want to go to more than one exhibition. For Future World, it was SGD$ 16 = Php 628 / Adult. :)

This exhibition in particular is a permanent one and they have several installations that both kids and adults will surely love and enjoy. :)

This one is called 'Sketch Town' and  I think this looks different depending on the occasion. Since we went during Christmas season, it had a holiday theme to it! ^_^ I chose to color/sketch my own building and as soon I was done, I scanned it and up it went on the screen! ♥ A cute interactive activity for the kiddos and kids at heart! =P I was able to catch this on my Instagram stories too, in case you want to see a video version!

This play area with the glowing balls made me miss my boys during this trip! I know for sure they would have loved to play here like the other kids. :)

Cos I missed my kids so much, I colored in a turtle for them! Similar concept with the Sketch Town, but only sea creatures this time. :) 

Finally, the most awaited exhibit of all time...

The Crystal Universe! :) One of the most popular installation at Future World and it was almost impossible to take solo pictures during our time there. >_<  The area is just small and there isn't any line, so you would have to rub elbows with people before getting your chance. But my Instagram Mom and I are patient people, so we waited and finally got our shots!

As soon as we finished our time in Art Science, we headed back to Bayfront Station and walked to Garden by the Bays for out next touristy agenda!

When we got to the ticketing, we also opted for the shuttle service since there was a long walk going inside Garden by the Bays. Being such a Tita that doesn't want to be under the scorching sun, we took this! Haha! =P BTW, this comes with a fee, I just forgot how much exactly. 

What can you see at the Gardens by the Bay? Actually, there are many! Like the Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, OCBC Skyway, Supertree Grove, World of Plants, etc. But when we went there, we only got to visit the Flower Dome + Cloud Forest cos there was a weather condition that didn't allow anyone to go up the OCBC Skyway. It was alright though! Better than nothing. :) 

For the Flower Dome + Cloud Forest, the ticket price was SGD$ 28 = Php 1,101/Adult. :)

The first impression of Garden by the Bays was it was going to be hot. But it's actually quite cold inside. :) The place is huge and filled with botanical wonders! We enjoyed strolling around and looking this big plant kingdom that lets you see different species of plants and their habitat. :)

On our way back to Marina Bay Sands to catch the MRT, we see this stunning view of Garden by the Bays. :) Perfect way to end it!

Our next and last adventure for the day was Night Safari! :) I normally plan out the places we go to during trips, but for the first time, my mom suggested this one, so we tried it out!

There is not direct MRT line going to Singapore Zoo cos it's a far destination. So, what we did was, we rode the MRT heading to Bukit Panjang (blue line) and walked to the green line station Opp Bt Panjang and we went out from that side and caught the #961 Bus. We had several stops and got dropped off Bef Mandai Road. Here we rode another bus #927 and this took us directly to Singapore Zoo. :)

We arrived at Singapore Zoo at around 6:30PM and if you're wondering, why so late? Well, S'pore Zoo has several attractions and one of them is Night Safari that begins at 7:30PM to 12:00MN. :) It's the world's first nocturnal wildlife park that is home to over 1,000 animals! 

Purchasing of tickets took us a little while and they have specific times, so best to come here a bit early than we did! >_< Ticket price for this is SGD$ 45 = Php 1,673/Adult. We got worried at first, going all the way here and not get a ticket! :(( Cos there were a lot of people.  Fortunately, we got a 7:40 slot, but since we still had a bit of time left, we ate some yummy vegetarian samosa!

For Night Safari, you explore the park through a 40-minute tram ride with commentaries and see the nocturnal animals in a slightly close range. :)

For this ride, I wasn't able to take much photos cos it was too dark for both my camera and phone. I didn't want to use any flash photography cos it might stress the animals, so it was purely admiration for me at this point. We got to see several animals, like flamingos, elephants, lions, wolves, otters and so much more! Who knew flamingos and elephants were nocturnal?? I didn't!

If you're after photos, this tour isn't really for you. It's an off-screen time kind of thing. But still a great learning experience about animals! There are also other attractions other than the tram ride, you can see more on their website!

If you want to know more about Singapore Zoo/Night Safari or you want to put it in your itinerary as well, you can learn more about it on their site: :)

Our night ended with me wondering what bus we needed to take back to the MRT, but Mom spotted this thing called a 'Hippo Bus' and this was so much better for us cos we didn't have to take two buses anymore, it toured you around the city and it directly stopped at hotels. :) For our stop, we picked Marina Bay Sands cos it was closer to our MRT stop!

I had so much fun on this ride! Best part is, we even got to add stuff to our itinerary cos of what we saw while riding this. :) Thankfully we got to experience this!

You can see a glimpse of our trip on my video below:

This ends Day 2 of our SG trip! But in case you're going to Singapore any time soon and will take Singapore Airlines, they have a treat for you! :)

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