Crystal White: vitamins for your skin

by - September 04, 2018

The Philippines is known to have a lot of women who are into whitening and honestly, there are a lot of products in the market that offers this. But whenever you pick a certain brand, do you take into consideration the ingredients inside them? :)

Introducing to you Crystal White, a whitening tablet that offers more than just whitening, but acts as vitamins for your skin.

Crystal White Whitening Tablet is made in Japan. It is the only skin supplement in the market that has a lot of health benefits plus, acts as antioxidant and whitening for your body. :)

It contains seven ingredients to help you achieve healthy, vibrant and glowing skin. 

1. L-Cystein - amino acid that contributes to building protein. It can be synthesized in the human liver. It supports the synthesis of highly anti oxidative Glutathione thus plays an important part in detoxification and the protection of organs and is claimed to be 3-5 times more potent than Glutathione.

2. Hithion Glutathione - trademark of Kohjin Life Sciences and comes from Toulla Yeast. Glutathione is involved in scavenging free radicals attributed to aging and detoxification of toxic compounds

3. Vitamin C - one of the most potent antioxidant vitamins. It helps improve body repair and recovery from injury. It is also needed in collagen synthesis reaction. Moreover, it is proven to improve Glutathione absorption in the body. It also improves the immune system. 

4. Polygonatum Odoratum - polysaccharide have the effect on anti-aging by improving the activity of SOD. Strengthening the activity of taking away free radicals, inhibiting lipid preoccupation and reducing the contents of MDA

5. Grapeseed extract - medical herb used in primarily for its Pro-anthocyanide content, a bioflavonoid which has antioxidant properties like neutralizing free radicals, reducing inflammation, stabilizing collagen and elastin, acting as natural antihistamine and protecting and healing connective tissue. It has also found to be 50% more potent than vitamin C.

6. Resveratol - protective compound produced by grapes and other plants in response to environmental stresses. Studies have demonstrated that Resveratol has potent anti-oxidant activity and also has the ability to inhibit platelet aggregation. These actions may help prevent free radical damage throughout the body and provide protective support to the cardiovascular system. Redline has about 1.5 to 3ml of Resveratol per liter

7. Strawberry Geranium Mixed Extract - contains bergenin which can be found as an active ingredient in several herbal and ayurvedic formulations. It is known to have anti inflammatory, anti hepatotoxic and wound healing properties.

Incredible how Crystal White has all those ingredients! It also has benefits, like help regulate bowl movement, give you better sleep and help burn fats. 

SRP of Crystal White is Php 1,950 and you can get it at all Dermcare, Belle La Peau branches and in BeautyMNL and Shopee! :)

How to be taken: 250mg x 3 Tablets a day = 750mg/Day

For more information, visit :)

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