Hydrated Inside & Out with SIP, CURE and CREER.♥

by - September 05, 2018

We all know when it comes to taking care of our skin, beauty products aren't enough. You also have to keep your inside hydrated as much as the outside and you don't even have to go through so many steps just to achieve beautiful skin. :)

Brands like SIP, CURE and CREER came together and gave us simple tips to help our skin with just water.♥

One of the first obvious things you need to keep in mind in getting hydrated, you need to drink lots of water. They said the right amount is eight glasses of water a day, but you can also exceed it! Not only does it make your skin beautiful but it also promotes better health and improve metabolism. You should also try to avoid sugary drinks and carbonated ones to keep healthy!

SIP water undergoes a rigorous process of water filtration before it gets bottled at the source. The natural precipitation from the highlands of Mount Mailing brings sustainable abundance of water to the deep aquifer beneath our volcanic rock filled land. These volcanic rocks acts as the first step of the filtration prices by removing any large impurities caught along the underground water stream. It will then pass through additional layers of filtration such as the sand filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet treatment, ozonation. This water treatment process leaves SIP tasting cleaner, crisper and more refreshing than other water brands. SIP is available at SM Hypermarket, 7-11, Vikings, Four Seasons, NIU, Fisherman, Hi-Top, Landmark, Family Mart, Nord's Breadhub, Super 8, Unitop, Waltermart, Lawson's, Circle K, etc. SRP Php 9 - 350ml | Php 11 - 500ml | Php 20 - 1 Liter

You can also use SIP as a WATER MIST for your skin! Cleansing off with tap water can contain impurities. Especially if your skin is sensitive. So, it's recommended to spray purified water all over your face after washing it or showering. :)

Marj Sia teaching us amazing skincare tips!

Another important and sacred rule in keeping skin in tip-top shape is to ALWAYS remove your makeup! Not only is it unhygienic to keep your makeup on for a long time or sleep with it, but it actually clogs up your pores and cause acne breakouts. 

I recently discovered how amazing CREER Cleansing Water is to remove makeup! Even the hardest kinds, like non-transferrable lipstick or waterproof mascara. :) I also tested this out! If you follow me on my IG TV! ;)
 You might think they're the typical cleansing waters but they're not! These cleansing waters are actually formulated with Spa Water from the Shimane Prefecture in Japan - this place is home to Japanese women with the most beautiful skin according to a survey conducted in Japan. These are multifunctional products that can cleanse, tone, mildly exfoliate and moisturize the skin. So you don't need to use a facial wash before or after using CREER. They are formulated in such a way that you don't even need to wash it off after using.
There are two variants for this: BLUE variant for light makeup user and ORANGE variant for heavy makeup user - Php 545 each. :)

EXFOLIATE! Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are not the only steps to get clear, smooth skin. You also need to exfoliate! The upper layer of our skin is made up of dead skin cells that are naturally replaced every 2 weeks but as we age, this process slows down so we need to help our skin exfoliate! It doesn't have to be rough, harsh and drying. The Cure Natural Aqua Gel gently exfoliates your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, excess dirt and oil that regular cleansing can't remove. By doing this, you are giving way to a fresher, healthier and newer layer of skin. This product is so popular that 1 bottle is sold every 7.5 seconds in Japan! Insane!

SRP Php 1,500 / 250g bottle in Beauty Bar and selected SM Department Stores, Watson's and Rustan's Department stores

MOISTURIZE! Now your skin is prepped for skin care! You can apply the Cure Natural Moisturizing Gel. If you're the type who can't do the 10 step skincare routine, this is for you! It is a gel type product and when you apply it on your skin you would see droplets form your skin is moisturized and if your skin is dry, no droplets will form as it will fully absorbed the product. This is because it will only absorb what your skin needs. I also did a demo of this on my Instagram! :)
With the help of these products, your skin needs will surely be provided! :) Keep them healthy with drinking lots of water and following your skincare routine!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel and Creer Cleansing Water is under Beautybox Corp. :) 

For more information, visit http://www.beautyboxcorp.com and https://www.facebook.com/sippurifiedwater/. :)

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