Lights off, mask on with Kiehl's new Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Mask!

by - November 04, 2018

When it comes to pampering, I could honestly say that most of the time that happens rarely for me outside of the house. Majority, I would spend my days taking my son to school, working on deadlines at home or even if there are free days, I would rather be at home to rest with my family. But even if this is the case, I always make sure to have time for my skincare routine, even if that meant only during at night. :)

Recently, I discovered a new love from Kiehl's - Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Mask!

Since this momma rarely gets pampering time, I really made sure not to miss this event. All of us were whisked away to a night of relaxation and treated to the 420sqm presidential suite of Okada Manila. :)

The Kiehl's Ginger Leaf and Hibiscus Firming Mask is a leave-on mask that is formulated for all skin-types. It is infused with two nature-powered ingredients: Hibiscus and Ginger Leaf.

Botanical Hibiscus Seed Extract

Cultivated in Southern India, the Hibiscus Seeds are separated from their outsells before being ground. The active fraction, constituted of Hydrolyzed Proteins, is then extracted from the seeds, purified and filtered to solely keep the efficacious benefits. The Hibiscus Seeds, whose flower is known to close during the night to preserve its nectar, provide the formula with instant and overnight firming benefits.

Ginger Leaf Extract

Native to Vietnam in tropical Asia, the Ginger Leaf utilized in our formula has been widely employed  for its roots in traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine as well as in Southeast Asia as a spice and flavoring agent in the cuisine. Sourced in Hoa Binh and in the Bac Giang province of Vietname, and carefully collected by 14 women between March and October, the Ginger Leaves are then ground and their actives extracted before being used in our formula that reduces appearance of fine lines.

Leave it on overnight and cleanse your skin in the morning to remove it

Before bed, you can apply it to your face and it provides an immediate firming effect and a smoother, younger-looking complexion by morning - all to help your skin keep up with the stress of everyday life and its changing needs

Its velvety texture, yet firming and smoothing properties make it beneficial for skin that show signs of aging; that is dull and tired. Essential oils add a soothing, calming aroma to the paragon free formula. 

Even if it seems impossible to find time during the day to pamper yourself, this overnight mask will do all the work for you. :) A great addition to your regimen to unveil a youthful glow!

We even got skin consultations that night care of Kiehl's and got tips what products we can use for all our skin concerns. :)

No matter how busy you get, never neglect your skin! I promise, you will thank yourself in the future for it! ^_^

For more information, visit :)

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  1. Sosyal feels. Hihi ang sarap naman magpamper sa bathtub at couch na ganun :) Hehe


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