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It is sale season once again and this is the perfect time to snag those items that you've been coveting when the year started or for a while now. :) This weekend, Fisher Mall has their Red Boat Sale for shoppers to avail from May 31 to June 2. You can get up to 70% OFF on selected items and even a BUY 1 TAKE 1 promo! :)

Last Friday, I went to the sale together with my blogger friends and I actually managed to purchase some items that I really needed! Sharing with you, guys some of the stores that are joining in this sale! Some even beyond this weekend. :)

Being a south girl, it's not often that I hit the north side for the mall or things I need. But if there are huge sales like Fisher Mall's happening, who am I to resist?? I'm there! ^_^ The first stop for us during our mall tour was the grocery and I super love it there!

As soon as we got in, I immediately noticed the BUY 1 TAKE 1 signs all over the place and as a mom, it's a dream to have more groceries to take home! :) I'm sure many mommas hoarded during this time. Also, hello, unicorn cereal!!

They have so much sale at the grocery and even the meat and fish section has their own respective sale. :) Totally a treat! They also started on their back-to-school promos at Fisher Mall!

Next stop was the Department store to check out the sale. :)

They have an ongoing 10% OFF sale on regular priced perfumes! :) If you're running out of your favorite, head to Fisher Mall to stock up!

Checked out some of the new items from Fisher Mall's in-house brand and I love how they're becoming more stylish in selection. :) There are more choices in design and they're slowly adding more, so watch out for those. ;)

The women's section also offers a lot of cute items on sale and a wide selection to choose from. :) 

Filo and I modeling the cute trendy bags!

Paxie trying out the cool and affordable sunnies! :)

They have super cute swimwear too! Pwede pa humabol sa summer, guys!

Cute dresses here! I managed to find a gold skirt at their dept store. I've been on the lookout for one cos Bloggers United's theme was gold. Unfortunately I couldn't find it in the malls I frequent in. But thankful they had one at Fisher Mall! ^_^ YEY!

Pretty belt bags here!

With my Fisher Mall buddies! Hihi! :)

For all the TITAS out there, home section time! Avail their 10-20% OFF Sale on kitchenware and BUY 1 TAKE 1 on some home stuff. 

Spotted this cute cactus tumbler that I totally forgot to get. :( This was only below Php 100 and I'm regretting it now that I wasn't able to buy it! Oh well, it only means I have to go back to Fisher Mall soon! ^_^

You can also find super affordable back-to-school items at their department store! Start preparing as early as now. :) From uniforms to school supplies, they have it. :)

Other stores in Fisher Mall also having huge sales...

Top brands carries Von Dutch, Jag, Tribal and US POLO in their store and are having huge discounts too!

Sneaker-lovers catch this! Branded sneakers, like Keds and Vans on 10% and 50% OFF Sale!

Thrift Market is a store in Fisher Mall that I really like and so far I've only spotted there. :)

Clothes for as low as Php 99! They also have several stylish ones that are not on sale, but they're not pricey either. :)

More stores joining in the Red Boat Sale...
Actually almost every store in Fisher Mall having discounts and promos for shoppers to enjoy! These are just some of the many. :) New Fila sneakers for as low as Php 999!

Found a lot of cute tops in Plains & Prints on sale and will surely go back for some of them! :) Currently, they have some items on 60% OFF!

Maui and Sons are also on a 50% SALE on selected items until July 15, 2019! Don't miss on the chance to check out some of their cool clothes! 

We also dropped by Michaela and Paxie even got a new wallet on sale!

Selected bags are on 50% OFF! :)

We all know how Mumuso is already an affordable store but during this time, they're also offering a 10% OFF on their items! :)  

Holding on to my EQ really hard during this sale! Haha! Major test siya! >_< But I'm also thankful for it cos I got things that I needed during this time. I even got to save money cos of it! 

A store that I would gladly bring my kids in is Mind Werks cos they have some cool items and games on sale. :) Instead of gadgets, I can introduce them to new board games. :) 

A visit to Fisher Mall would never be complete without checking out their cinema! They have one of the best, in my opinion. :) Hello, Zoltar!

They currently have a Godzilla Collectors exhibit at the cinema area and this is absolutely cool! Some are worth thousands of pesos! Do checkout it out while your there! 

 To cap off a day of shopping, head on to QUEZON for a yummy Filipino buffet lunch! :) Only Php 499 on weekdays and Php 599 on weekends. :)

And to all Fisher Mall Elite Card Holders, additional treat for you, guys! Get 10% OFF on top of your 50% OFF items when you present your card! :)

Hope you, guys had an awesome weekend with your loved ones! 

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