Easter + Birthday Celebration at Linden Suites.♥

by - June 10, 2019

The past months have been crazy busy for me, so only blogging about our lovely Easter + my birthday celebration at Linden Suites now! >_< I've been meaning to write about it as soon as our staycation ended. But so many things happened! Since the experience was really fun and memorable, I still remember every bit of it and will share it with you, guys! ^_^

So, last April 20-21, we stayed at Linden Suites to celebrate Easter with them the second time around. We really loved our first time with them last 2018 (CLICK HERE TO READ), so I was sure 2019 would be even better! As an added bonus, April 21 was also my birthday - Easter day itself, which makes the hotel stay even better. :)

What made this year's Easter celebration at Linden Suites different from last year was that we got to enjoy more activities. But before anything else, we first settled into our spacious and lovely room, one of the many things I love about staying at this hotel. :)

Here's a quick look at our One Bedroom Suite....

The room in size is around 63 to 80 sqm, has WiFi, a king or queen sized bed and  has a living room, kitchen, and dining facility. It's everything you could want in a room and more. If you're staying for more than a day, you can easily buy food outside and cook it. :) I also love that the room has a bath tub cos the boys get to soak up and enjoy bath time even more. ^_^ Cozy rooms like Linden's make it extra hard for me to pull the boys out of the room for lunch or dinner. It often results in a grumpy-fit cos they would rather stay inside. >_<

After settling our stuff in our room and getting a bit of rest, we went to attend our first Easter activity!

In case you were wondering, all the Easter activity that Linden Suites offer comes FREE for people checked-in the hotel during that time. It's one of the perks they offer for their guests. :) 

The Egg painting was something new for us cos last year, we checked-in exactly on Easter day and we only got to enjoy the party. So we made sure this year, we would join in both! The boys got really creative with theirs; Athan painted Thanos, Asher did a Minion, the Hubby went for a plain blue egg and I did a generic Easter patterned egg. Hihi. ^_^ It was fun!

Dinner time at The Happy Chef! Located at the 2nd floor of the hotel. :)

This is our second time dining at The Happy Chef. But its been awhile since we last dined, so we missed their food!:) Love how they have a wide variety when it comes to choices, from local to international cuisine, so we get to try different dishes whenever we're  here. :) This time, we had Lechon Kawali, Caldereta, Carbonara, Greek Salad and Ravioli. Yum!

When dinner was done, we all headed back up to the room, prepared the boys' much-awaited bath time and curled up watching TV while waiting for 12 midnight to strike, so we can celebrate my birthday salubong!

HELLO, 30!!!

I've always wanted to celebrate my birthday in a hotel with matching shots like the one you see above in a pretty dress, number balloon and a rainbow cake to match! Hihi!♥♥♥

A little flashback to our first stay at Linden Suites was during our couples anniversary back in 2010. It's awesome how we've been celebrating not just Easter but our special occasions here as well. :) We've had only the best memories here!

Come next day was Easter! We all got up early to have our breakfast and excitedly made our way to the venue of the Easter Party. :)

As soon as we got to the venue, we were greeted by a garden-themed installation and I must say that this one tops last year's celebration! ^_^ The decorations were super cute and you would just want to take nonstop photos, I know I did >_<. The egg-hunt was also well organized cos they made sure each kid had the equal opportunity to get eggs for their basket. :) As a mom that really matters to me cos I never want Asher and Athan sad at parties. I always want to see them in high spirits! ^_^

Aside from the cute installation, they also had a variety of snack foods, activities and play areas. :)

They got these cool cowboy tumblers along with their Easter loot and they even got to have their names written in calligraphy. :)

The inflatables were Asher's favorite and almost didn't leave this area! :)

They also had this awesome on-the-spot caricature and I think Sir Josh really got the likeness!

During the egg hunt, Athan got an egg with a special prize inside! He got this cool Play-Doh Shape & Learn set! :) He was so proud about this!

As usual, The Linden Suites has exceeded expectations when it comes to their Easter Party. :) I'm really glad we were able to celebrate it with them again. The family and I had a great time and can I just say that they are SO GENEROUS with their giveaways. It actually took some effort to bring them all up to our room cos there were so many! Happy problem haha! Totally worth it!

Will definitely add this to another wonderful staycation for the family! Thank you, Linden for always making it a happy one for us with your amazing service and staff!

In case you want to celebrate a special occasion with your friends, family or loved one, The Linden Suites is offering PHP 3,000 OFF on room rates from JUNE 11-17, 2019!

Don't miss out on this huge discount! :)

37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig 1600

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/TheLindenSuites/ or http://www.lindensuites.com/

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