Promil 4 i-Shine Talent Camp 7 Recital!

by - June 05, 2019

It has been a month since Asher's recital with Promil Four i-Shine Talent Camp 7 and until now he still hasn't stopped talking about it. He loved it that much and I myself haven't gotten over the cute photos and videos I took of him during that time.

Sharing with you what happened during their recital and what we felt about the whole experience. :)

The Promil Four i-Shine's Talent Camp was really an amazing experience for us. It showed us sides of Asher that we haven't before and all the more through this recital did I see what he can do. :)

For two days straight the kids practiced for their recital and unlike during their workshop, we weren't allowed to have even the slightest peek at what they were doing or preparing for. This got me more excited for D-Day! ^_^

Finally, May 10 was the recital and both the Husband and I made sure that we made time for this special day. :)

I remember telling the Hubby how he couldn't be late for this. He did a half-day shift on his job, so he can attend Asher's recital. For all of our kids' special occasions, we really make sure we make time for them regardless of our jobs and being busy. :) I believe being there for your kids and giving them the support they need is a huge factor in their development and growth. 

There are a total of 5 camps and the first camp up during the recital was ART CAMP! ^_^ The camp that Asher was enrolled in and just seeing him come out of the stage already got me so emotional! I found myself getting teary-eyed. I didn't know what he was gonna do yet, but I was already SO proud of him.

Teacher Robert and Kara joined the kids on stage and I'm really grateful for them cos they taught our children creativity, to use their imagination in their projects, how to express themselves and work well with other kids. 

I can see how proud he was of his progress and his parents being there as well, cos as soon as he came out on stage, he was already looking for us in the crowd. I had to do huge hand waves for him to see us and once he did, get got giddy and kept saying, "HI" while on stage. :) 

After gathering the kids on stage, they eventually showed us a huge collage of all their works during the camp and it was so beautiful! I immediately spotted Asher's cute building with its blue and green windows. ^_^ 

*Asher trying to find us again and wanting to say hello on the photo.

They even got to connect the boards together and make a cute city out of it. :) Super creative!

After Art Camp, the others followed as well and didn't get photos anymore cos I got so engrossed in watching all the adorable and talented kids! I love how Promil 4's i-Shine Talent Camp 7 really worked for everyone. Each kid expressed themselves so well and I truly saw how they shined. :)

The awesome Promil 4 i-Shine Talent Camp 7 mentors all in one stage. :)

Sharing also a video compilation of Asher during his recital! Please do watch it! It's super cute!! I'm not being biased! Haha!

Overall, this Camp and recital showed me different sides of Asher. Yes, he's the shy type and I actually didn't expect him to go all-out during this time. But he really gave it his very best, he performed! On the video you can see how much fun he was having and how amazed we were via our voices squealing haha! We're just so proud of him! It's no wonder why many parents enroll their kids in Promil 4's Talent Camp. It gets children out of their shells and at the end of the camp, they gained so much more than learning new skills, honing their talents, but also being more confident and new friends. :)

It saddens Asher and I that the camp is over. He keeps saying he misses it. But both of us made a deal that next year he'll be enrolling again in either Art or Dance Camp and we can't wait! ^_^

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