TAIWAN IN DECEMBER DAY 4: Tamsui, Oia Alpaca Café, Chiang Kai-Shek and last day!

by - August 26, 2019

On my last leg of my Taiwan in December post and it kinda makes me sad cos it's officially the end of it. But happy too cos I got to share this wonderful time with my husband in our dream country and closing this part makes me look forward to our next trips together. :)

For our last day, we made sure to make the most of it like our past days in Taiwan, so like usual, we had our breakfast and headed for the train to the last station in Taipei - Tamsui!

If you're not familiar how to get to Tamsui, simply go to Taipei Main Station and follow the Red Line to Tamsui.

I haven't been to Tamsui for almost a decade. But I always carried good memories of it with me cos the main reason why I often went there as a kid was cos of my Taikong a.k.a. great grandfather. He used to live there when he was still alive and I loved going to his house and drew endless for him. ^_^ I really miss him and it was great to finally visit this place again!

When we got to Tamsui station, it was almost lunch time, so before heading to our first agenda for the day, we decided to eat first and since I kinda missed Yoshinoya + it's affordable, we went for that. :)

I enjoy eating at different fast-food places in other countries just to see what's different from their menu to ours in Manila. :) As for Taiwan's Yoshinoya, they serve edamame, kimchi and fish for side dishes. :) Yum!

After lunch, we headed back to the station area where you can also find a bus terminal to take you to different locations you need to around Tamsui. We were going to Oia Café and the bus that could take us there was BUS 860 going to HOUCUO stop. :) 

While I was doing Google Maps on our bus ride to estimate our time of arrival, I stumbled upon this and it was an accurate movement of the bus and our location. :) It was much easier for me to see which stops we were already on. So, we got down at Houcuo, but as you can see on the map, there's still some distance to the café, so once we got down, we still had to walk a bit. But what surprised us when we went down was an awesome beach view!

It was honestly an unexpected find and glad we stumbled upon it! We strolled for a bit before going to the café. The cold breeze was perfect and it was quiet too cos there were barely any people around. :)

We look like grandma and grandpa in our gears haha! But it got really cold and windy on our last day and had to go for puffers. >_< We loved it though!!

After 30 minutes just walking on the shores, we headed back to our trail for Oia Café!

Spotted this cute Greek looking resto during our walk...

Oia Café is a place where you can dine with adorable alpacas. :) This was actually recommended to me by my mom's boss, so we gave it a try. The moment we got inside, we already saw two alpacas roaming freely around and some diners admiring them. In case you're wondering, NO, the café didn't have any foul or animal smell. They're pretty hygienic cos I think they give them baths before bringing them inside the restaurant. :)

I was already giddy once I saw them! I've never seen an alpaca up close, so this was a happy moment! This reminds me of the SHEEP CAFÉ we went to in South Korea. ^_^

Since we already had lunch, dessert was in order! We had some lattes and waffle ice cream. They also have full meals here, if you prefer that. :)

During your stay here, you're allowed to feed some veggies to the alpacas. They usually have a few sliced up on the counter, but in case they run out, you can ask the waiters. :) You can also interact with the alpacas but just watch out cos they're quite aggressive when they see you with food haha! There was one that was very hooked on my chair and kept nibbling it, so I got longer time with it.

At the end of our dessert, we checked on the other ones outside the resto...

This side, I must admit was intensely smelly! I couldn't stay long cos it definitely had the aroma of a farm or barn. I'm guessing these ones haven't had their bath time yet.

Exiting the café, we also spotted another beach front, so we tried exploring again.

Going back to the MRT station, we rode the bus again and our next stop was Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall since it's a famous tourist spot in Taiwan that you can easily access, it's FREE and you can be done in just 30 minutes, I decided to bring the Hubby there. :)

Always love visiting this place cos of its rich history and the lovely view that it has. :) 

At the end of our day, we spent it again at our favorite - the night market at Shih-lin!

Had our last round of street food - wagyu, peppered veggies, convenience store drinks and milk tea, of course! Cannot forget that! :)

Next day, our flight was very early, around 7AM? So, off to the airport we went at 4AM? If I'm not mistaken? The MRT wasn't open yet, so we got ÜBER Taxi and paid NT$ 1000 going to the airport. Not bad since if you also hire a van, the rate would be somewhat the same.

This cute Hello Kitty lounge at the airport!

My last meal in Taipei! :)

I really enjoyed our trip to Taiwan even if it was just for 4 days and a rainy time. I didn't expect to enjoy something while it was raining almost nonstop. But I did this one. :) Just shows that a positive attitude goes a long way and since then, I've been keeping the same mindset for all trips. Rain or shine, i'll make the most of it!   

To read my other TAIWAN posts, visit https://www.artsyfartsyava.com/search/label/taiwan. :)

Artsy Ava

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  1. Wow!. Ang saya basahin ng blog mo momsh Ava. Ang ganda ng lugar. Naintriga po tuloy ako sa Yoshinoya same din kaya ang lasa ng Yoshinoya dito sa PH?. I saw one at SM Megamall.
    Yung sa pic po ninyo sa dagat parang nasa korea lang ahaha... or nadala na ko sa kakapanood ng korean movies 😆😅. 💚💚💚💛

  2. Ang gaganda ng view momahie.. Grabe nakakawala ng stress tapos ang sasarap pa ng mga food..

  3. wow..feeling ko ksama nyo po ako para na rin po akong nag taiwan...hehe thanks sa review...really helps po..goodluck po sa nxt trip...😍😊

  4. gaganda lahat ng photos Ms Ava, parang nagtravel narin ako pero pinaka bet ko yang Oia cafe 💚 Buti namandi smelly sa loob hehe

  5. Yay! Reading all of your taiwan blogs po 'cause we're going there this year :) It really helps me to plan and make an itinerary. So excited! Thank you so much ate ava :) Sobrang nageenjoy po talaga kong nagbabasa ng mga blogs niyo ni ate ana, feel ko kasama din ako sa mga trips niyo :) God bless you always po :)

    1. Awww omg thank you, Antonette! Mas nakakagana mag blog knowing someone like you enjoys reading them! :) Excited for your Taiwan trip!


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