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Hello, hello, everyone! Its been awhile since I last blogged and I must admit that I feel really guilty about it. I used to write almost every day or every week before, but life's busy days are getting to me and most of the time, work on Instagram is consuming me, so the only rest my eyes get is staying away from the desktop. :( I've been also exploring with video blogs a.k.a. VLOGS too, so minus hours again for blogging. But writing is still my first love. There's just something about typing on the keyboard that gets my brain working! That's a fact!

The main reason why I have this post is I want to share a beauty brand that I've been using for a while now and I think it's nice, works for me, so why not give it the spotlight? That brand is none other than, BIODERMA. ^_^

In case you don't know much about BIODERMA, they've actually been around since 1970 and their main focus is healthy skin. Their research revolves on understanding the changes that skin goes through cos of the environmental stresses and other factors. Being able to understand this, their products mainly helps restoring the skin's natural processes. 

Introducing four of their products that I have: BIODERMA Sensibo Tonique, Sensibo H20, Sensibo Light Soothing Cream and Photoderm Max SPF 50+.

>>>> Tested 3 out of the 4. :) <<<<

*Normal to combination, sensitive to intolerant skin*

If you are in need of a moisturizer that is not heavy and easily absorbs, you can consider this one. A good treatment for people who have sensitive skin cos it helps strengthen the threshold for intolerant skin. It made my skin feel soft after use. It's also fragrant-free, hypoallergenic and Paraben-free. Can also act as a makeup base!

Perfect to use after cleansing and toning. :)

*Sensitive skin*

Something that i've been bringing with me to my travels is the BIODERMA Sensibo H20. I use it for cleansing and removing my makeup at night and I love it cos it doesn't dry my face and I have not experienced any breakouts when I use it. It also conveniently comes in a 100mL bottle, so it easily fits my skincare kit and I can bring it anywhere!

You can use this for your face and eye makeup! Again, fragrance-free formula, hypoallergenic and Paraben-free!

Fun fact: Did you know that one bottle of Sensibo H20 is sold around the world every 5 seconds?? Amazing! Only means that it's their best-seller! ;)

My kit during our last Cebu trip :)

*For all skin types*

SUN CARE! We all know how important it is to protect our skin from the sun nowadays. I remember going out the other day and had to be under the sun for a while and I could actually feel the sun piercing through my clothing. That's how extreme the UV rays are now, sadly. Reason why no one should ever leave home without applying sunscreen! You're not only protecting your beautiful skin from premature aging, sun spots, but also rare skin disease.

The Bioderma Photoderm Max Aquafluide SPF 50+ UVA 24 has an exclusive combination of UVA/UVB dermatological filters and Cell Bioprotection that helps protect our skin against harmful effects of the sun and activates the skin's natural defenses.

The texture is watery but absorbs easily to the skin and has a matte finish to it. It's also fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, Paraben-free, water resistant and photostable. 

Remember, no matter how busy you are in a day, always take care of your skin! Invest in good and trusted skincare products. :) 

To know more about BIODERMA, visit BIODERMA PH on Facebook!

Available in SM, Watsons, Landmark, 
PCX, Greenbelt & Leading DermaClinics

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