Halloween Costume ideas

by - October 29, 2020

Halloween is two days away and though this year will be a whole lot different, it doesn't mean we can't make the most of it. :) There are still ways to make it memorable and fun for your family. :) One of which is still to continue the tradition of costumes!

Since my boys grow up really fast, I figured buying costumes in the toy store isn't ideal, so why not just make them one? two? three? or more! >_< The possibility is endless when you get started on Pinterest and DIY. :) Sharing some of the ones I did for the boys last week!

Ever since I had the boys, almost every month is an occasion. Even more when they were still in school cos the programs are endless, so I had to make sure they were prepared all the time. But thankfully, their former preschool was very encouraging when it came to being crafty and creating their own costumes instead of buying every single time. :) I got more into DIY-ing their costumes more, whether it was nutrition month, book month, halloween, etc. You name it, mommas got it! =P

For this year's Halloween, I got challenged to do 5 DIY Costumes and of course, I couldn't resist! I looked for ideas via Pinterest and there were a lot of cute ones, but these stuck at the most to me and was most doable with the materials I currently had. :)






These were all equally fun to do. It's the first time I've done each one and happy they came out the way I wanted them too. :) My kids were so happy to try them out and we can't wait for the 31st to officially flaunt parade them around the house! YEY! 

If you also want to learn how I did these, you can check out my vlog below...

To make it festive, you can also order some food and join in some fun online activities or parties! :)

Here's a FREE virtual Halloween Party hosted by Edamama on Facebook that you can attend...

2 days left!! Advance Happy Halloween, guys!!

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