Quarantine life update 4!

by - October 27, 2020

I'm back again with life updates! Quarantine to be exact, because we all know that the numbers still aren't getting any better, sadly. It has been 7 months and Christmas is so near already and a part of me can't believe that this will be the first year that my family won't be complete during the holiday season. :( It's truly sad what COVID is doing to all of us around the world. Sigh... Stay healthy, everyone. That's all I can really say right now.

Anyhoo! For this blog, i'll be compiling a few things that the family and I have done last July to this October to keep sane this quarantine and how we're coping. :)

Since quarantine began, we have been nonstop celebrating birthdays at home. I think the last we got to celebrate outside, at the mall and our last buffet ever was the Hubby's. Other than that, mine to the kids ~ quarantine birthday. It's not as fun but I'm not complaining. What matters is good health! That's all I ever wish for. So, yes, we recently celebrated another quarantine birthday and it's none other than, our little love Lōla's! ^_^ She turned 1 year old last July 29 and I can't believe she's so big na! *ugly cries*

My original plan for this my little baby was to actually celebrate her birthday at this nice dog restaurant at SM by the Bay and we'll invite a few close friends and their dogs too! ^_^ Unfortunately that didn't happen. But I'm just glad she's in her best health now, because I was so worried a few weeks before her birthday she got really, really sick and I had to take her to the vet multiple times. It was the first time she ever got sick and I felt so helpless. Thankfully we got pass that and hopefully never have to go through it again. :( 

Since our original plan got scrapped, the Hubby and I decided to buy her a small liver cake, a cute party hat, decorate the house a bit and just let her enjoy the day. We feel lucky that Lōla isn't really a demanding dog. All she wants is just love, A LOT of attention, and she's all good.♥ After eating her whole paw liver cake, she ended up taking a long afternoon nap. :) Good day!
Lately, we've just been enjoying our time with her at home. :) These are just some snaps from the past month.


Like in my past quarantine updates, I'm also gonna post a few OOTDs I took whenever we would go on errands and grocery run. :) These are the days that I look forward to cos it's really the only time I get truly dress up anymore.  
L-R  Dress: Style Cat Collective | Top: Uniqlo , Sandals: Melissa

L-R Top & Shorts: Uniqlo, Sandals: Crocs, Mask: Bubba Doodles | Top: Zara, Pants & Mask: Uniqlo, Sandals: Birks

L-R Top & Head Scarf: Zara, Pants: Uniqlo, Sneakers: Keds | Dress: Style Cat Collective, Bag: Secosana

L-R Coordinates: Uniqlo, Purple Bag: Monki


Work updates! It has been good. It's not as much as before, but I'm very grateful for each and every blessing that comes my way. :) Recently, I've noticed that most of the projects i've been getting are art related and of course, that makes my artsy heart happy! ^_^

One of those projects was a crafting session via FB Live with Sanicare and Bianca Gonzales. To be honest, I was a nervous wreck for this day haha! It was my very first ever FB Live and I prayed my hardest that it would go smoothly. Thankfully it did, thankful for my friends who watched, and glad our PLDT Home WiFi got me through! Did you know they have a new PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi Advance out already? Been using it for weeks now and it is indeed fast. :) 

If you want to watch our SaniCrafts video, just CLICK HERE. ^_^

This was definitely an achievement for me because sometimes there's a part of me who doubts myself and I know, I know, I'm not supposed to be like that. But I can't help it at times. :( Though, I'm glad I don't give up and I challenge myself to be better. :) 

This month there's also another mini art project lined up, so please wish me luck!


Distance learning has officially started for the boys last August and this was something that got me thinking so many things. How was I going to handle this new setup? What gadgets will the boys use? Our house isn't that big to add "mini class room" to it, so what do? After contemplating, this is what I came up with. Still able to accommodate our small space and at the same time, the kids can conveniently have their online classes. :)

How did I do it?

I turned their empty toy crates into art bins, substitute table to place their books and supplies on, foldable tables and chair cushions that can be easily put away after classes. :) Hence, we still get to have floor space!

I'm sure moms who also enrolled their kids in distance learning know about "screen breaks". This is the reality of ours when they have a 1 hour break LOL! =P Knock out!


These past months, I also got preoccupied with creating new stuff for my little shop. :) I'm really proud of the ones I've launched lately: My first ever surprise box, BTS fan march phone hangers, and rainbow macrame keychains. They're all a bit tedious to make but I've been enjoying so far! :)

Thank you to the ones who have supported my creations! You may visit FROM PAPER on Instagram!


Another hobby i've taken up while stuck at home is Diamond Painting. :) I love how relaxing and therapeutic it has been for me whenever I sit down and work on this, because it's my quiet time. BTW,  It's not a one day activity, so no pressure in finishing it right away. :) I got two of these on Shopee and so far I'm almost done with Dumbo! 

If you also wanna try this out, here's the link: https://shopee.ph/search?keyword=diamond%20painting.

I've also given more time to group my little cup collection. :) I have always taken a liking to cute cups and   got to take out some old ones and even got to add a few new ones! Sadly, as of writing this, my fave cup that has a pig in the middle of it broke. :( Huhu! Hopefully I can replace it someday.

Recently been growing my stationery and keychain collection too while supporting some local small business. :) Did a stationery haul vlog also up on the channel, in case you want to check out the sellers. :)


Something that still hasn't changed since lockdown is time for the family. We have loads of it now and again, not complaining. Though at times, we know it can get boring for the kids (they never complain), so we try to find ways to make it fun for them. :)

Last month, the boys and I turned this old box into a mini fort or nook. They can lie down inside, read a book or just anything they have in mind. I decorated it a bit and I think this lasted a good week. :)

Since it has been GCQ for so many months already, the Hubby and I thought why not take the kids out for a drive. They won't be going out of the car, they will be inside the whole time, but we thought this would be a nice breather for them. They've been such troopers through this whole thing and we believe they deserved this. :)

We drove around places near our area, had take out food to eat in the car and just watched the sunset before heading home. :) It was just a simple day but we saw the difference it made to our kids. :)

We also vlogged this little adventure up on my channel. :)

And so, that's our quarantine update so far! I hope you all are doing well and let's continue praying for the recovery of our country and people! Stay safe, everyone!!

Artsy Ava

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  1. goodthing Miss Ava kahit naka quarantine meron kayong pinagkakaabalahan 😊

  2. Hello miss ava, I enjoy reading yung blogs, I personally live doing some crafts at home. I hope you do more of it. And I love it because it is really aesthetic to everyone's eyes. I hope you notice my comment. Thank you and Godbless.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post! I really enjoy making these updates! :)

      Arts and crafts at home is really therapeutic. We really need it nowadays. :)


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