April updates: My birthday, MWM Ceramics class, Easter and more

by - May 04, 2021

Another month has passed and I officially said bye to my birth month - April! It's no question that it's one of my favorite time of the year because it's my birthday and the boys are officially done with their classes, so that's a reason for celebration! ^_^

For this year's April, it was also pretty eventful despite being at home most of the time and wanna share the reason why it was a good month.


Last April 4 was Easter Sunday and I spent the start of the day preparing for an FB Live arts & crafts with Ayala Malls. To be honest, I was very nervous for this and had self doubt. LOL.😝 Very typical of me when I have to be on live video, but that's just my anxiety taking over. I'm glad I was able to do it cos it's like challenging yourself and the feeling of relief when it's done. *pats self at the back* I did 3 Easter crafts and it was really fun! :)

These were the upcycled crafts I did and I think my favorite would have to be the DIY bunny planter! :)

Asher and I also did some egg painting on the side for his art class project. :)


The month of April, the blog also got featured on the Top Mommy Blogs in the Philippines of theAsianparent and of course, I'm very honored to be part of the list. :) This blog is one of my pride and joy, so any time that it gets noticed or acknowledged, I feel really proud and happy.

Thank you, Asian Parent for the feature!

MWM Ceramics Class

For the longest time, the blog friends and I have been wanting to take a ceramics class but even pre-pandemic, we couldn't really find the best fit for our aesthetic style and budget. So, one day when I was browsing Instagram and suddenly got hit by Mess We Made Manila's ad, I knew I just had to let Ana and Ashley know about it. We were so excited about MWM finally having a studio here in Manila because we've been a fan of their Seoul, Korea studio for some time now and since we can't fly to Korea any time soon, this is really a happy thing!

The only downside of this all was, when we booked for a face to face class last March 28, the ECQ was implemented again and of course, we have to follow protocols and we were asked if we wanted to move our class to another open date. Since we were optimists, we thought maybe come April things will get better. But it didn't and so we found out the next open slot for us might be some time June and unfortunately, I wouldn't be available anymore because of my nearing due date. But thankfully, Shine of MWM told us that it was still possible for us to take the class online and I'm truly grateful to my Chingus Ana, Ashley and Paul for adjusting to my needs and opted to go for the online class.πŸ˜’πŸ’— Love you, guys!

So, last April 18, we finally had our much awaited ceramics class online and I honestly really didn't know what to expect since this is my first time to do a workshop like this at home. But MWM Manila was really impressive. They delivered the materials to our homes beforehand and during the class, the instructions given to us were very easy to understand and Shine of MWM was so pleasant to work with. I loved every minute of our class. 

The class lasted 2 hours and when it was done, they even picked up our plates, so they can do the firing in their studio kilin. :) 

For this class, it's Php 3,500 per student and we made 1 plate, 1 saucer and 1 bowl. :) We had a few excess clay, so I made a strawberry trinket dish as a bonus hihi. :)

The official waiting time for our plates is around 3-4 weeks for the glazing and firing process and I'm super excited to see them in person!

Currently, I know they're already accepting in person marbling classes and also online, so check out their site if you're interested in booking: https://www.messwemademanila.com!


Last April 21, I officially turned 32 and before this month, I was actually hopeful that this year's birthday would somewhat be different and I could celebrate with some friends. But, like 2020, the ECQ happened again during my birth month and a quarantine birthday again it is! But not complaining anymore because I'm just grateful to have good health along with my family. At this point, it's all I could ever want, just to survive COVID-19 and stay healthy. 

I'm also happy cos I have sweet friends, like Ana, Ashley, Nikki and brands (PayMaya and Philam life) who remembered my special day and sent sweets my way! ^_^ Also love the Hubby for setting up all my balloons, cake and food for a cute birthday photo-op! hihi!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Also, my kids for the cute cards!

All I could ever want for my birthday - my family, stable career, healthy baby and good set of friends! 

If I could request for a belated gift, please pray for me and the baby. That we may have a safe, normal delivery! Thank you!πŸ™


These are also some of the happy things that I received and did during April. :)

Our Baby A is starting to get a few things in the mail and every time I see them it makes me so so happy! I can't wait for her to use all of them. :)

L-R: Johnsons Baby, cute clothes from Ninang Ash and Avent.πŸ’—

A beautiful sunset encounter at our apartment garden while I was walking our doggo Lōla.πŸ’œ

Been so into flowers/florals lately and got inspired to finally work on my Kanken embroidery and even practiced my drawing skills on my sketchpad. :) πŸŒΈπŸŒ·πŸ„

L-R: 26 weeks, 27 weeks, 29 weeks and 30 weeks

Ending this with some preggy OOTD looks! :) Nowadays, the only way I get to dress up is when I go to my OB/doctor's appointment. :)

Hope you, guys had a good April as well! HELLO MAY! Please be better!πŸ™

Artsy Ava

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  1. Hello miss ava I enjoy reading your blogs and I love it because you make something so deeply personal and then present it to the word with an open heart, Thank you for sharing your work with not only us but the world,I hope you notice my comment Thank you and Godbless

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! :) I really appreciate it cos I love sharing my stories!


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