MAY UPDATES: Mother's Day, Resin Art, Family Milestones, etc.

by - June 04, 2021

Officially said goodbye to the month of May and of course, I'm back again with another update of what went on during that whole month just so I can share it with you, guys and also look back on these memories. :) 

Things were also pretty eventful this time around and this is what happened...

The beginning of May was off to a good start for us as a family. The kids started their summer vacation already, so it was a cause for us to celebrate and since they haven't been out for so long, we decided it was time for another drive around our area. :) We did this last year as well, so this the second time. We did the same thing like taking out food from the kids' chosen restaurant and eat it in the car. It's really nothing fancy but the husband and I can already see the big difference it makes to our kids. The 2 hours tops of being out automatically brightens their day and seeing the outside world just gives a breath of fresh air for them even if they don't step out of the car.

This area is called Blue Bay and what we love about this place is that it has quite a few restaurants that we take out food from and their parking is quite scenic + cute too with the inspiring words written per slot. :)

Hopefully we can do another drive around our area soon!


Mother's Day is definitely one of the busiest day of the year for me and I'm always so grateful to brands for remembering me on this special day and send sweet packages my way. :)

Asher and I did our very own clay for a Mother's Day craft! You can find the easy steps >>>HERE<<<

This was our yummy feast for Mother's Day care of my Mom. :) Buttered crab and baked shrimp with cheese is my ultimate favorite!


L-R: 20 weeks, 24 weeks and 32 weeks

Last May 14, I had my monthly check up again with ultrasound and so thankful that our Baby A decided to show up this time around and we got a cute photo of her smiling!๐Ÿ˜ She gained some cheeks after several weeks and we just found it so adorable! We really can't wait to meet her!

After my ultrasound, we also had an NST or Non-Stress test to check up on the baby since I do have Gestational Diabetes. We have to do all these constant checks. I'm currently experiencing contractions often, so I need to bed rest until I give birth. It's quite difficult since I still need to work on a lot of things, but trying my best!

Please pray for our safe delivery!๐Ÿ™


On this day, I officially have a teenager!๐Ÿ˜ญ My eldest son turned 13 and I can't believe that time flew by so fast. It feels like yesterday I was just cradling him in my arms and now he's independent in so many things. But I'm glad he's still a sweet boy.

He loves anything military, so I made him simple cutouts of soldiers, grenades and tanks. He also didn't ask much for his birthday and just requested for his favorite food, so wish granted! ^_^

We love you, Athan! May you continue to grow up happy and healthy! Mom and Dad are always behind you every step of the way!


Did you, guys stream BUTTER by BTS already? hihi! Their new song officially came out on this day and of course, the Chingus and I had to celebrate it by watching their new MV and dressing up for the occasion! Being pregnant won't stop this fan girl's heart! hehe

I super love the cap I got from Anagon and the cute shirt from Ashley's shop! You can check it out >>HERE<<<

MAY 29 or 30 - RESIN ART DAY

Sorry, I can't remember the exact date...blame it on the mom brain hehe.. But Anagon and Ashley and I met up via FB Messenger video call on this day to finally work on our much awaited resin art project. :)

Materials: Resin solution (2 bottles), dried flowers, gold foil, loose glitter, molds, paper cups to mix the resin solutions

Ana, Ash and I sharing our paper cups haha! Parang sponsored LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚

L-R: Laid out my dried flower design | Poured the resin mixture onto my mold

We've been talking in our group how much we wanted to do resin art because it looks really cool and since we love working on different projects, this was a must! So, we got all our materials via Shopee and finally when the three of us managed to complete all the stuff we needed, we did it together via video call! Thank you, technology! Still making it possible for friends to connect. ;)

My first hand experience with this is I strictly followed the instruction of resin and hardener having a 1:1 ratio (meaning they should have the same measurement...ex. 100ml resin and 100ml hardener) when mixed together but turns out that didn't work out. >_< My first resin tray turned quite soft and almost jello-like, so I can't really use it for anything. But you learn from these mistakes, so on my second try, I made sure to add a bit more hardener into the mix and not follow a 1:1 ratio anymore and yey! It worked for me! ^_^

Steps I did when making my resin tray and coasters:

1. Get your mold, whether that be a tray or coaster and start laying out your dried flowers to your liking. Personally the photo above is how I wanted my design to look like. :) Once you've done that, set it aside and work on your resin solution.

2.  RESIN SOLUTION comes in two bottles. I Combined epoxy resin Part A and hardener Part B together (I used a measuring cup and did 100ml resin / 125ml hardener and this was enough for 1 tray and 1 coaster already). Make sure you mix them very well for at least 3 minutes, so the solution is well blended.

3. After mixing the resin and hardener, I added some gold foil and loose glitter to the solution and mixed it in well. 

4. Proceeded to pour the resin solution onto the mold and since I encountered some of my dried flowers rising a bit and moving a little and getting tiny bubbles in the solution, I used toothpick to move, poke and fix those boo-boos.

5. Finally, let your resin art dry! I let mine sit for 3 days before taking them out of their molds. 

BTW, make sure to not touch the resin solution with your bare hands! Always use gloves or goggles when working on your resin art to be on the safe side. :)

In case you want to start on your own resin project too, here are the shops that I got materials from...

๐ŸŒธFlowers - ๐Ÿ’—Mold - ✨Foil - ๐Ÿ’งResin & hardener -

It's really a fun experience and I can imagine myself doing more of these! It's quite easy when you get the hang of it. :) As long as your mixture is right, your project will be successful! :) In case you have questions, feel free to hit me up on the comment section below or DM me on Instagram! Would be happy to answer your queries!


30 weeks | 31 weeks 

32 weeks | 33 weeks 

Some of the preggy OOTD photos I took whenever we would step out of the house for doctor appointments and errands. :) I only have a few weeks left, so a part of me is sad this part of my OOTD will soon be over. That's why I'm glad I really made an effort to document these times! :) My last time to have baby bump cos it's our last baby.๐Ÿ˜ข I'll miss it!


Every time our family grows, I always have this urge to have a new jewelry made from Bubba Doodles and since our family will have a new addition, we'll be 6 soon! I had Asher draw our family portrait and Bubba Doodles turned it into a cute necklace! I love it so much! ^_^ 

You can also have your children's drawings turned into a necklace, bracelet, keychain by Bubba Doodles! A great keepsake and something your kid/s can be proud of too!


Beaded phone strap DIY | My ceramics from MWM

Lately, i've been wanting to have my very own beaded phone strap. It's a trend that i've seen going around, like it's the 90s all over again hehe. So, I finally made my very own! Personalized it with my name and my kids, so it has more meaning.๐Ÿ’œ

If you've read my APRIL UPDATE, you would know that the friends and I also tackled ceramics-making. After a few weeks, we finally got our fired up works! ^_^ I'm so happy! My saucer in particular didn't make it cos I unfortunately made it too thin, so the corner side broke. It's alright though! I managed to stick it together with glue gun and i'll just keep it as a souvenir! The rest however is good! I can't wait to take another class with MWM again soon!


Last but not the least, we ended the month of May in a very significant way by celebrating Athan's online graduation. :) He's finally done with grade school! I can't believe aside from having a teenager, we'll also have a high schooler this coming school year.๐Ÿ˜ฎ Everything is happening so fast despite quarantine! 

So proud of you, Athan! Only 2 diplomas to go! hihi! Congratulations!!

And that's the end of my May Updates! Hope you, guys had a good one as well and wishing you all a happy June ahead! Keep safe!

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  1. So glad that you had a fabulous month Miss Ava. Ako din. Since it's my birth month tapos Mother's day din. Halos magkasunod lang. Medyo relax ang pasok ng May ko. I also hope for these coming months na mging smooth lang ang lahat. And for you as well Miss Ava. Take care ๐Ÿ˜˜


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