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by - June 23, 2021

It's officially been a week since I gave birth to our little girl and so far being a new mom to her has been good. I'm really happy and enjoying this new phase in our life. Yes, the dynamics of being a family of four to now five + a doggo has a big difference, but the only upside to this is the boys are finally big enough to help me with things around the house and the husband is also work from home, so it's a lot easier to ask for assistance when I need it. :) Remember new mommas, don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it! We all need rest and a little break too for us to feel like ourselves again and to heal properly.

To celebrate the little one being 1 week old, I wanna share my birthing story. :)

Last June 14 felt like any other checkup day for the Hubby and I. We headed to MMC as early as 9:00AM for our 9:45AM appointment. This was just a week after my last checkup because during my June 11 checkup, I was told by my doctor that my cervix was short and at 35 weeks, I was at 1cm dilated already, so she wanted to see me again soon. That's why we had to meet up again soon. 

The hubby and I actually planned June 14 well. After our checkup, we were supposed to run a few errands because we still had some stuff on our checklist that we lacked for the baby. But life has its own plans and as soon as my OB checked me, I was already 4-5cm dilated at 36 weeks, so going on errands or even heading home to get our hospital bag was out of the question. She immediately wrote on a piece of paper for the maternity area staff that I was to be admitted for delivery on that day itself.

Both the Hubby and I were so shocked. We had brain fog the whole time and couldn't think straight cos we couldn't believe that we were going to meet our baby any time that day! The photo above was the last one of us being together with my baby bump. We were in the elevator headed to the 5th floor to be admitted and eventually while I was in labor, the Hubby headed home to get our hospital bag.

This is the only image I have of me in labor and I really didn't want to take anymore haha. It was a grueling 7 hours - I was admitted at 11:00AM and labored until 6PM. I was also alone most of the time, so it was pretty lonely.. I only had my phone with me, so I got to chat with my friends online but that was about it. There was a lot of poking and needles going on during my time in labor, so I was exhausted with that alone.

I was 5cm dilated for quite a long time. It took hours being I reached the point of dilation that my OB wanted for me to give birth. But around 5ish, I think? I was ready for the epidural because they had to pop my water bag to loosen my cervix even more and finally at 6:00PM, I was rolled in the delivery room to give birth! YEY! 

To be honest, I was scared to give birth again. Yes, I've done this before but each time still makes me feel nervous because I get too wrapped around the baby's health and I always pray that they'll be healthy. Feeling if it hurts to give birth? No, it doesn't. I didn't feel a thing! Haha. My epidural worked really well and no pain was ever present during delivery.

Finally at 6:20 PM, I heard that much awaited cry from our little love!😭💗

Welcome to the world our Avery Moon Grace!💜🌛 

The baby girl that I waited 13 years for is finally in our arms! She's perfect in every way and we love her so much! Sometimes it still feels surreal that we have a baby girl. I never thought that i'd even have a girl in this lifetime. The pregnancy journey wasn't an easy one with the sensitivity and complications (I had gestational diabetes, subchorionic hemorrhage, frequent contractions, etc.) that came along the way. But seeing her made it all worth it.

I'm also very thankful to my OB for taking such good care of us and making sure everything went smoothly, from the time I was pregnant until I gave birth. Through the years and three babies later, I'm happy she's my doctor. :)

L-R: Athan | Asher | Avery
For her first ever hospital outfit, I dressed her up in the same yellow onesies as her brothers. :) It was originally Athan's onesies when he was born, so I kept it for remembrance. But when Asher was born, I decided he should wear it too. So, it turned into a tradition that all my babies would wear it. 

Stayed in the hospital for a good two days and everything went well. We were well taken care of by the nurses and doctors during our time there. We also got to enjoy that one-on-one time with our baby Moon. :)

This moment is something I cherish the most and have waited 9 months to witness. :) That's why I made sure to capture the moment when the Hubby finally got to hold her in his arms. Yes, we have two babies already but something is different with how a Dad looks at his daughter. I love my husband so much but seeing them together makes me even love him more.💕 It's a beautiful thing to see everyday and I'm so happy that we're complete now... I have my boys and baby girl. ^_^

Moon has been very good when we were at the hospital. I was able to rest well because she would always be sleeping. Even when I had to feed her, she would prefer to sleep haha. So, it was more of a challenge to keep her up to eat than to want her to sleep. I even got worried at some point that she might not get enough milk or latching time since she's such a sleepy baby. But turns out that's just really how newborns are the first 24 hours of life because they're also as stressed and tired as the momma when born, so they're also trying to power up by snoozing a lot. :)

June 16, we were discharged from the hospital and this was Moon's cute outfit. :) All pink! 

Once we got home, the boys immediately met us at the door and just couldn't hold their excitement to meet their little sister. :) They're so cute together and I love how much they adore her. 

Our first family photo as 5!

First ever twinning outfit! The first of many!! I am so excited to dress her up in cute outfits! Once they fit her haha for now, she's still so tiny to fit in most of her clothes because she was only 5.3 pounds when born. She's has a lot of growing to do, but I don't mind! I'm super enjoying how tiny she is right now and love cuddling/cradling her in my arms.

We got so many colorful outfits for her and I love finally seeing her wear them!

Breastfeeding is one of the things I'm very focused on right now. I really want to do it long term this time around since I'm just at home all the time. Back when I had Athan and Asher, I was always busy with school, so breastfeeding didn't work out for us. The longest I ever did it was a month. With Moon, I'm hoping I can manage it long term with the help of Gelai, some vitamins and lactation treats. :)

Just yesterday, I was able to produce 3 oz for the first time! I hope as the days go, I can have more so I can actually do some storing already.

Right now, we're slowly adjusting to our new routine of having a newborn again, feeding around the clock, waking up every 2-3 hours, washing bottles, burping, nappy changes and all that jazz. It may be tiring, but I am happy. Very happy. 

I've waited long for this time and I'm really grateful to God for blessing me with this family. :) 13 years ago, I was a struggling young mom (read my pregnancy + motherhood journey >>HERE<<) praying my hardest to God alone in our school chapel to help me cos I don't know what to do with my situation or how to survive it. But fast forward to now, he has blessed me beyond what I imagined. I always did believe in HIS perfect time and I'm very thankful for this time in my life. :)

Thank you also to everyone for the well wishes on Baby Moon! Can't wait for this new adventure with her!

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  1. Wow. Everything was so fast! Congratulations and Welcome to the world baby Moon 😍 I love your name. Avery Moon Grace just like your name you are as calm as moon.

  2. You did great, Momma! Can't wait to meet Baby Moon!
    Love you guys!!

  3. She is so pretty, and precious! (and cute ng blanket nya!!!)
    I love how your boys are so excited to see her din!



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