Happiness for two

by - May 07, 2008

I finally saw Iron Man yesterday! Success, I got someone to take me! Thanks to my Wubie. I'm a lucky girl=) It was an uber great treat! And I'm going to spoil the fact to everyone that, there is going to be a Iron Man 2. Haha. There ya go! I loved the movie btw. I thought at first it was going to be the snoozing kind of movie, but it wasn't. It was acton packed and not to mention a great soundtrack.

After the movie we stopped by Wendy's to eat and it was good, good, good. I had Bacon Mushroom melt with fries, iced tea, taco salad and a mini frosty. Talk about pigging out! Hehe. After that, we went to Chicco to check if they had the baby crib that we wanted. The kind that has a nappy changing area, toy above your head, vibrates and rolls because the last time my Mom and I checked it was still unavailable. Luckily this time they had plenty of stocks and we had one reserved incase the baby comes anytime soon. Then, after the reservation, we went to San Miguel by the bay to stroll around and Wubie bought himself a Baby-z sized Buko Pandan Zagu. I thought I hated Zagu, because of my childhood Melon flavored Zagu experience. It tasted awful, I swear. Like I drank it half powder with a bit of water. But I guess it really depends on what flavor you would get because, Wubie's Buko Pandan was yummeh!=) Imma get one again when I get the chance or I'm the not gonna refuse the next time Wubie offers to buy me one Hehe.

Now, the next movie I'm going to eye on would be, What Happens in Vegas. I saw the trailer yesterday and It seems like a funny movie especially with Ashton Kutcher in it. All I have to wait for is this coming Friday and Wubie and I are gonna watch it. I'm finally getting my share of fresh air! I get to go out often now than, I did before and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Freeeedddoooomm!! haha=) Can't wait for Friday!


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