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by - May 05, 2008

Okkkkaaaayyy, so my blogging hiatus didn't even last for a week. It's because Wubie had to go back home for a while due to his Dad's birthday and of course, I can't deprive him of that and so, I gave way for his old man. Once he comes back here I'll be busy again and maybe then will, I continue my hiatus.

Anyhoo, It's been really boring here at our household. How I wish I could stroll around the mall and even catch a movie. Better yet, go shopping. I want to watch Iron Man. Have any of you seen it? Is it good? Some say it is, even the movie critics and that makes me curious about it. Besides, it's been a while since I last saw a movie. I would watch anything offered to me. Even if it's the worse movie of the month. I need to get oooouuuuttt! Anyone want to take me? ( with puppy dog eyes) Take me, take me, take me! ( like a kid nagging you)

Oh, poo. I've done three surveys in a row at Multiply and I can't seem to get sleepy. Not to mention get away from the extreme boredom. The internet has become my source of life this entire vacation. How fun. (sarcasm)

Speaking of internet and fun, Mom and I were talking via Skype again last night and she went on a shopping spree for me!=D I love my Mom! She knows how to make my day even if we're miles apart. She got me three cute t-shirts from Armani Exchange and one waistcoat chaleco from Mango which I am drooling to wear, but I have to wait since #1- I'm too big for it and #2 It's still at Taiwan with Mommy. It's exciting though. My two beloved clothing stores combined! And of course, the ever-so spoiled baby that our boy is, she also got him tiny, military colored pants from Marks and Spencer at only NT$ 180! Whatta bargain! Shopping is definitely love! I so cannot wait for next summer when I can finally go on my Taiwan vacation.=)

Well, this is kinda getting long. I only have about a week or two until the little one comes. Please pray for us. A safe delivery for me and for him to be a healthy and normal baby when he comes out.=) Thank you! God bless, you all! Enjoy the final month of summer!


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