12 things

by - September 12, 2008

The 12 things I like about Wubie:
  1. He tolerates my childishness and some times joins me too.
  2. When I showed him my star origami he learned how to make it and helped me fill my jar.
  3. He never lets me commute alone. He comes with me where ever I go.
  4. He cooks for me.
  5. He makes sure we have lunch together during my breaks in school.
  6. He plays the piano and guitar for me.
  7. He changes Athan's nappy when he takes care of him. ( kahit poo-poo! hehe), puts him to sleep and washes his bottles.
  8. He always has some thing interesting to say or talk about. ( Parang news and walking trivia!)
  9. He's sentimental with our memories and also takes part in making our scrap book.
  10. He knows how to wrap a gift perfectly. ( I can't do that.=P)
  11. He's my number 1 fan in everything I do
  12. He loves me no matter what, even if I'm moody and have my just-got-out-of-bed-look always at home.
Love you.

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